Numerous Ways of Flaunting Hair Extension

by DrPrem Jagyasi

Hair Extensions and More

Hair extensions have become quite a rage. A large number of people have indulged into hair extensions and are really enjoying it. Hair extensions have become something very common. Hence, it is no longer an outstanding thing to do. Therefore, in order for hair extensions to look appealing, it is necessary that one do something special. Or else, those lovely hair extensions will not attract any attention. There are numerous ways through which one can enhance hair extensions and flaunt them. Here is a list of few of those lovely methods that you can apply to your hair extensions. Read along already!


Color them Wild

Well, natural hair isn’t bad but then, you are going for extensions already! So, you are thinking brown or black? Really! Well, that sounds good. Yet, why not color them wild? There are more colors in the market other than the regular black and brown. Why not try unusual colors like blue, green, pink or red on your extensions. Remember Amy Winehouse? Didn’t she look awesome? Well, it is your turn now.

Why not, go ahead and do it? Colored extensions look more beautiful than regular ones. They will definitely help you stand out and attract a whole lot of attention.


Beads and Bobs

Accessories! Girls love it! And why shouldn’t they? They were tailored for them. So, you just got extensions and have started looking like some boring chick with long hair? Well, decorate your hair with a bunch of beads and bob pins and you are going to look hot as hell.

Try using beads that match with your dress. If you are wearing dull colors such as black, white or pastel then use outrageous colors of beads. Try using shades like yellow, red or orange. You are going to look beautiful in those beads.



Plaits, Plaits and more Plaits

Well, braided hair looks lovely and it has been proven enough times. It will look even more beautiful if you are a little dusky or light brown colored. If you do not know how to braid your hair, you should go visit a professional at a salon or some such sort of thing. You can even call a professional home.

There are numerous styles and ways through which you can braid your extensions. In fact, this shall even work for those who have naturally long hair and don’t want to look boring. Thus, braid your hair in a cool style.

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