Tips for picture perfect nude makeup

If you have been paying attention to the latest makeup trends by the Hollywood hotties on the red carpet, you surely know that nude make up is in vogue and is just perfect to get the subtle sheen and natural radiance of the face. The basic idea of nude makeup is to accentuate the natural beauty using very understated and subtle shades of makeup. The nude makeup creates a soft, delicate, and utterly feminine look. If you go wrong with your nude makeup, you may look completely off the shelves. So, let us dig deep into the tricks to get it right and flawless to make you shine and dazzle with nude makeup.

Nude Makeup

1. Skin care

The first and basic rule to get the nude makeup right is to keep your skin well moisturized, healthy and well maintained. This is true for all makeup types, but is of utmost importance in case of nude makeup. The makeup will accentuate the healthy, glowing skin and makes you look a million bucks. On the contrary, if you have rough, patchy, or dull skin, the nude make will not be able to hide it. Nude makeup is all about flaunting what you naturally have. So, if you wish to look radiant in nude makeup, just spend some quality time pampering your skin before showing it off with oodles of panache. Vitamin E based moisturizer might do wonders for your skin.

2. Foundation

Since now, you are sure to carry off the natural look with élan, begin with the base of any makeup foundation. Foundation for your natural make up must be used only to even the skin tones and give a texture to it. If you want to add layers of it on your face, you are simply not ready to carry off the nude makeup, where less is more. Apply the foundation on T-zone of your face and include neck area to make the complexion even. If your skin is oily and tends to get sweaty, pick up a foundation that is one shade lighter than your complexion. The sweat will make the foundation a shade darker and that will match your skin tone or else you may look even darker than your natural complexion.

3. Concealer

Similar to the foundation, pick up a concealer that is one shade lighter than your complexion to hide the dark circles or any other problem area. Keep the use of concealer minimal or else it will look overly done. You must apply concealer after the application of foundation. You can also use it before the application of foundation. It is correct both the ways.

4. Blush

No makeup is complete without blush on the cheeks. Pick up a natural and delicate shade to accentuate your cheekbones. Smile and apply the blush on high cheekbones area towards the temple. There are two ways to find out the most natural shade of blush for you. Firstly, check the skin tone on your cheek right after coming in from the hot climate. Secondly, you can find out by squeezing your cheek a little. In both the cases, you see flushed skin tone and that is your shade of blush. The most natural shades are rosy and peachy blush shades. You can also use a bronzer to highlight your cheekbones.

5. Eye shadow

When you are determined to go for nude makeup, keep your eye shadow absolutely light and neutral. Browns, grays and other subtle and soft shades create a natural look. Go easy on your eyes and remember bright eye makeup will completely spoil the look that you are trying to achieve. The soft eye shadow shades also compliment the skin tone to make you look ravishing even in the minimal makeup.

6. Mascara

In natural and soft nude makeup, black mascara has no place. It looks slightly strong, therefore go for brown mascaras. It will give you a delicate feminine look with very natural appeal. Avoid fake eyelashes; it gives a dramatic appeal contrary to the basic idea of nude makeup. Keep the lashes lump free and clean. The eye make makeup should be minimal and must follow “barely-there” formula.

7. Lipstick

The most important and final aspect of the nude makeup is the lipstick shade. You cannot have bold lips when you are going for nude makeup. Try a lip balm instead of lipstick. Keep your lips soft and smooth to highlight them with luminous lip balm. Tainted lips also create a natural look. Keep exfoliating your lips to keep them healthy to flaunt the nude makeup.

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