Keep yourself stress-free for a beautiful face

How do you feel when a stubborn pimple suddenly bursts out just a night before your wedding day or job interview? It is due to the stress, which builds up and goads you with a feeling that you have to perform well. Apart from the various ill-effects on your health, stress can also cause some serious damages to your skin and overall look through breakouts, wrinkles and redness. Your face is the mirror of your mind. The moment you get stressed, the brain sends out signals to the entire body and the results start reflecting upon your face very fast. Mental tension will make you look tired, old and regular frowning will lead to the formation of fine lines and ultimately, making the aging process much faster. De-stressing is one of the best ways to look healthy, rejuvenated and fresh. Although in today’s hectic lifestyle it is somewhat difficult to keep away stress, but it is not impossible. There are various ways to control the damages due to stress. Aside from a range of amazing therapies provided by therapists, there are several quality products in the market that can help you deal with skin ailments caused due to strain. Let’s check out how to prevent the skin damages caused due to stress.

Keep stress free for a beautiful face

Breakouts: Skin breakout is the first damage to your beauty caused due to mental stress. When you get tensed up, the brain sends out signals to your adrenal glands to activate the hormones that produce excess oil on the skin. The active oil glands block the pores and cause skin breakouts. The excess oil also comes in contact with the natural bacteria on the the skin surface and results in acne. This is considered as one of the most common skin problems, but can lead to severe skin conditions, if not taken care of, at the right time. To deal with skin breakouts due to stress, glycolic acid based face wash can prove to be handy. Also, unhealthy diet with a high percentage of sugar, caffeine and oil can worsen the skin condition. Have healthy and balanced diet to keep yourself happy. The best way to deal with skin breakouts due to stress is to go for regular gym sessions. Exercise releases endorphin in the body that reduces the level of stress hormone in your body, thereby keeping you radiant and glowing. Therefore, if you yearn for a younger and more beautiful face, you must try and keep yourself stress free.

Redness: Redness commonly occurs due to stress. Even a slight feeling of stress can open up the blood vessels on your skin and make your face look flushed, consequently turning red. Therefore, instead of brooding over the work deadline, take a deep breathe and calm yourself so as to relax the nervous system. Meditation and yoga are also beneficial in controlling stress. Redness of the face is certainly not a very favorable situation for your beauty. You can also look for products with licorice or chromolume as ingredients to make the skin cool and help you deal with the redness caused due to stress. So, bid adieu to stress as it will ravage your beauty. Be happy and look beautiful.

Wrinkles: The worst effect of stress that you can have on your face is the arrival of wrinkles before the onset of natural aging. If you continue to be super stressed for some period of time, then it will lead to fine lines and frown lines, gradually turning into visible wrinkles. When you get stressed, your body releases a hormone named cortisol that attacks the collagen on your skin. Collagen keeps your skin firm and makes you look younger. As the skin loses collagen, it also loses the elasticity that keeps the skin looking tight and firm. Apart from the anti-wrinkle creams, a sound sleep can also work wonders for you. Catch some sleep. While you sleep, your body will release a hormone called melatonin, which reduces the release of cortisol. Avoid going outside in the scorching sunlight and make sure that your anti-aging products have sufficient percentage of SPF. There is no better way to deal with stress than saying good-bye to it. So, keep yourself stress free and smiling to look beautiful.

The above mentioned points are some of the most prominent effects of stress on your skin, thereby marring your beauty. Mental tension will also have a long term affect on your health condition. It can cause heart problems, high blood pressure issues, depression and several other serious problems. It can cause rashes, itching on the skin and can worsen the already existing conditions. Therefore, learn to avoid the additional pressures that can cause stress and try to enjoy your life to the fullest.

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