Tips for preventing and rectifying crepey skin


As we get older, our skin can get loose and thin like paper or crepe. Amy Kassouf, MD, a dermatologist from Cleveland Clinic says that the main reason for crepey skin is not age. She mentioned that crepey skin is commonly caused by sun damage and unlike wrinkles which is caused by recurrent muscle movement, crepey skin is caused by sunlight which breaks down the fibers in the skin making it stretch. When the fibers is damaged, it will heal over time, but they would eventually end up losing the ability to heal fully when there is too much sun exposure. Crepey skin is common for people at the age of 40 but it can affect people as young as 20 if chronic tanning beds are regularly used. It can also be caused by massive weight loss and medication.

How to prevent crepey skin

Luckily, if you have crepey skin, there are products out there that can be used to treat crepey skin. One popular brand for treating crepey skin is Crepe Erase but they offer many different products so it is important to check the Crepe Erase reviews to choose the right product for you. There are also many other ways to treat crepey skin and you probably already know one of them: avoid the sun! Since the sun is one of the biggest causes of crepey skin, avoiding it is the best solution but it is not possible to totally avoid it so here are some other tips to reduce sun exposure for our skin:

1. Stay in shade:

avoid long exposure to sunlightTry to stay in the shade whenever possible and try to avoid long exposure to sunlight, especially during the times when the sun is at its strongest, i.e. 10am to 4pm during the summer.

2. Use sunscreen

Use a sunscreen with a SPF of 30 or greater when you go outside even when there isn’t a lot of sunlight. This is essential if it is the summer.

3. Cover your skin

Cover your skinWear clothes and hats to cover yourself so your skin is not getting direct exposure to the sunlight.

4. Other methods

Something you should be doing all the time anyways is hydrating your skin with a moisturizer and using the CTM (Cleansing, Toning and Moisturizing) routine. This is another good way to prevent crepey skin because moisturizing it can avoid injuries which produces or worsens crepey skin. When you are choosing a moisturizer, you should pick ones with lubricating ingredients. For example, moisturizers with beta hydroxy acids which also helps with anti-aging. Alternatively, you can go with the latest and best ingredients for treating dry skin. If you are unsure, you can ask the store staff at cosmetic stores.

Fractional laser treatment is also another solution thatcan be used to rectify crepey skin and it is a common treatment for sun-damage and aging. The technical details of the treatment are outside the scope of this article.

Everyone likes good looking skin so we hope that you have learned something new today and know how you can prevent and reduce crepey skin. Don’t be lazy and take measures to protect your skin today!

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