Tips for maintaining the French braid

by DrPrem Jagyasi

The French braid has been a one classic hair style which is loved by women of all age groups. Different variations of this style has evolved from time to time. One can try this hair style in various events be it wedding parties or formal get-togethers. This lovely hair style is simply timeless and has been passed down generations.

It is very practical too as it keeps the   hair away from the face adds glamour to it. However, mastering the French braid can be tricky , at least for the beginners. Pulling all of the hair back into a cute braid without making it very loose that it all falls out or making it look too tight can be challenging. Because of these difficulties here is some advice on how to make this stylish braid.

French braid hair _1

1. Twist the hair:

If you’re facing difficulties in keeping the hair back tightly in order to make your French braid, then try twisting the hair a little while before you start working on the braid. This should allow you to pull back the hair a bit loosely but will make it still look reasonably tight.

French braid hair _7

2. Know the different styles of French braiding:

In general, working in larger chunks of hair into your French braid will help in creating much more sportier and a more casual style. Using thinner sections of hair in your braid will lead to a very intricate braid and will look good only in formal gatherings. Weaving flowers into the braid is also a good way to get a more feminine look.

French braid hair _6

3. Start with a basic, single braid:

Before you proceed to other styles of French braiding, start by learning the single pattern of braiding. This style works well with a variety of hair lengths and thicknesses. Once you have learned this style, feel free to try bang braids, pigtail French braids as well as French buns.

French braid hair _4

4. Use your first two or three fingers on each hand:

Many beginning braiders find themselves in a very sticky situation. So try easy steps by holding the hair between the last couple of fingers as a way to keep the hair separated. Do not complicate the braiding process.

Learning the French braid takes time and practice, but it is definitely worth the efforts made to learn it , . Try these tips if you’re having difficulties with this timeless style.

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