Tips for Bride’s mother for her daughter’s wedding

Weddings are usually taxing affairs and you being the mother of your daughter will no doubt have more experience than her in this regard. Your experience is her asset as you help her plan things out in advance; however, you should be open to her wishes and desires.

There are a few wedding planning mantras that you can take into consideration before and during the wedding celebration.

It is her wedding

As obvious as it sounds, it sometimes happens that over-zealous mothers will try to take over the planning phase of the wedding. It is very important to realize that it is her wedding and her special day. This does not mean that she will not value your opinions and input, but you should never attempt to circumvent her wishes just because you do not like something. Times are changing and you should adapt to them too.

Express your support for their wedding openly

As far as financial matters go, modern couples are more than capable of paying the expenses of the wedding themselves, and do not require very much external help in this regard. This does not mean you should not offer your assistance to them. A wedding is an expensive event and a matter that should not be ignored. Be open and direct about financial matters to avoid needless guesswork.

You and your outfit

Do not drag yourself down by going to the wedding in a simple dress. It is a special occasion, and as such, you will have to get an outfit that will make you shine in your own right during the wedding. You can search online or at a boutique for mother of the bride outfits in Scotland for inspiration for your outfit.

Take your daughter’s outfit into consideration. You do not necessarily have to match her wedding outfit, but it would be good to avoid having a complete aesthetical clash with her opinion. Alternatively, you will also want to avoid having a similar outfit. This will most likely have a negative impact on your daughter’s appearance during the wedding.

Enjoy yourself

Make sure you enjoy yourself at the wedding. You are her mother and you will have some responsibilities before and during the wedding; however, this does not mean that you cannot enjoy yourself. On the contrary, you should have a good time as you helped your daughter plan and organize everything.

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