Three DIY New York Fashion Week Trends


If you enjoyed reading articles and watching television coverage about the recent New York Fashion Week, you might find yourself thinking “You know, I think I could pull that look off!” While some of the styles might be a bit over the top for you, as a fashion maven, you love trying out new things and feel you should expand your look a bit, a la NY Fashion Week.

With that in mind, check out the following makeup and clothing styles that you can try at home — all inspired by the recent fashion show:

Makeup that is Glamorous Yet Imperfect

Makeup that is Glamorous

In addition to the clothes, the models at New York Fashion Week often sport distinctive looks in their makeup. A common trend was a sort of “pretty yet imperfect” style that involves makeup that starts out looking glam and looks even better after a lively night out on the town.

To create this look, start by applying moisturizer all over your newly-cleansed face, and then even out your skin tone with a smoothing foundation and concealer stick. Set the foundation with a light powder, and then use a sweeping stroke to apply blush from the mid-point of your ear to the corner of your mouth. Next, focus on the eyes — use a blend of browns on the lids and use a brown eye pencil to define the lids even more. Add pretty of mascara and make sure your brows are perfect with an eyebrow kit. Finish off with a dark red lipliner, followed by a rich cocoa or red lipstick and a touch of lipgloss in deep pink. Practice until you have the dramatic-yet-pretty look down pat.

If you love makeup trends any time of year and want to stay abreast of tips on cosmetics that are great for the skin, you may want to follow Amway’s Instagram page; the company sells the Artistry line of makeup that features foundations, eye shadows, lipsticks and much more.

Wear Two Shirts at Once — Why Not?

One of the cool things about the recent New York Fashion Week is that it featured styles that you might be able to pull off with clothing you already have in your closet. For example, as The New York Times notes, some of the models were seen wearing two shirts — often times a short-sleeved one over a long-sleeved button down. The key is to use shirts that are a tad oversized with ample room, especially the top shirt. Similar in a way to layering a really lightweight cardigan over a shirt, you can try this look with complementary colors or, if you are feeling a bit more daring, contrasting patterns like a plaid shirt over a gingham one.

Focus On Light and Bright Colors

Light and Bright Colors

As Vogue notes, amazing style can sometimes be quite simple, and this was definitely the case at New York Fashion Week’s recent show. Many models sported clothing in light and bright colors that draped them from head to toe; oftentimes, the colors were all from the same palette. For example, a pale pink shirt was topped with a slightly darker carnation colored jacket and paired with deep raspberry pants. Go into your closet and dresser and pull out the lemon t-shirt, the bright yellow sweater and the deep ochre pants along with some citron-hued scarves and sunglasses and voila — you will have just channeled your inner NY Fashion Week look.

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