Unibrows – A blast from the past that is hitting the beauty trends list this year


At one time, Unibrows were the hottest trend that died out for a while. It looks like now; it is back in fashion again. Those who remember the time when Unibrows were hit will also remember that it was a popular trend even in the midst of many influential people.

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It is not surprising that this trend is back in style. Considering that at one point, NBA players, actors and even political people all used to carry off this style well; the Mohawk look was indeed an eye catcher. Although not everybody prefers this look, but for those who can actually carry it off well; know how it can make your appearance change. Facial hair in general may not be as appealing as the Unibrow. In fact, unlike men, very few women can take on such a style. The natural look of such an eyebrow was once a fetish attraction that was celebrated by many.

Turning the pages back in time

This look goes back way all the way in history where there were certain cultures and places that were known to carry it off well. For example, if you consider the ancient Egyptian times; the men and women were a lot into grooming and the hair was the main focal. As much as it was important for them to take care of their hair, they did pay a lot of attention to even the finest detail of their eyebrows. No doubt, their emphasis was not on the single eyebrow look but emphasized more on the arch shaped ones.

On the other side, the Greeks and Romans had a different take on this unique look. The women of those times would use powder to emphasis on their looks and make their facial appearance prominent. They also enjoyed highlighting or creating the Unibrow look. For women who were not blessed with nice thick eyebrows, the alternative solution to this problem was using goat hair brow extensions to create the look. They were fascinated by the look and left no stones unturned to bring that fascination out.

Even during the Byzantine era, the people of the era celebrated the Unibrow look. Theodora, the Byzantine empress would highlight her eyebrows with the Khol to give it that uniform lining. In some dynasties such as Iran’s Qajar dynasty, this look was considered beautiful.

Coming back to the present time


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While we do have evidence of this look going back into the pages of the history, in the modern times, there are very few places where it is still carried. The people of Tajikistan and even in India still follow this look. It is not an uncommon sight to see people walking on the streets with a Unibrow. The people of Tajikistan actually celebrate the look and embrace it with a lot of grace.

So what really happened that made this trend die out

Well, the answer is that when it comes to showing off their body hair, it purely depends on the presences of a person. Some people are fine with this look while some prefer to stay in touch with the lasts changes.

In order to carry this look, you have to bold enough to embrace it and remind people that this look is not as bad as it seems. Those who carry a do not care attitude do not worry about their looks. They know how to carry themselves just the way they are and do a good job at it. It is totally up to the way you carry yourself.

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