Therapeutic quality of Hydroxy Acid Technology Uncovered…

retinol ahaNeoStrata Company, makers of dermatological products claim to focus the hidden benefits of Alpha Hydroxyacids (AHA) and Polyhydroxy Acids (PHA) in its new range of skin care products comprising cleansing gel, toner, SPF15 sunscreen and restorative cream.

Alpha Hydroxyacids (AHA) and Polyhydroxy Acids (PHA) are the acids, which are proven to be functional for keratinization, exfoliation, reduction of skin sensitivity and treating skin ailments like rosacea, wrinkles, keratosis and eczema.

Though NeoStrata skin care range has elevated hydroxyl acid formulation to new levels, yet it is not suitable for those who are intolerant to lactic acid, especially the ones with a darker complexion. What is commendable here is scope of functional skin care products rolled out by NeoStrata from AHA and PHA. Therefore the consumers suffering from various skin problems can be prescribed the NeoStrata products by tailoring differnt packages for individual skin problems.

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