The Do’s And Don’ts of Bra Shopping

The Do’s And Don’ts of Bra Shopping

Some women may find it easy to shop for underwear, but some may find it stressful. And if you’re the latter, it can help to read along with this article to learn some tips and tricks in shopping for the perfect bra.

Although underwear is a hidden undergarment that’s invisible to the eyes of many, ladies can benefit by putting more effort into finding the most comfortable and appropriate bra. This is because, with the best bras, you can move freely, make your breasts feel more secure, and allow your skin to breathe too.

If your current bras aren’t giving you these results, it would be best to shop for new ones. So, here are some of the do’s and don’ts to be mindful of during bra shopping:

The Do’s

1.    Do Get Your Bust And Breast Measured

One of the most crucial parts of bra shopping is getting the perfect bra size. All bodies are different, and to get the perfect fit, you need to be measured well. And while some find it intimidating to find their size, it’s good to note not to overthink or overstress it. Remember that size is just a number, and the priority is to get the best-fitted bra that works for you and fits you well.

It’s essential to find styles and sizes that fit well and look fantastic when fitting bras. And to start, you can measure it by yourself by using a measuring tape at home. More so, you can also have it professionally measured. You can also ask assistance from the lingerie store staff when you shop in a brick-and-mortar store. You should make sure there are no gaps at the cup and that the band fits snugly against your back since the band provides the majority of support.

Also, don’t assume or estimate your size, as this will only lead to the wrong pair of bras. If you are measured accurately, you’ll save yourself the trouble of going back and forth to the lingerie store. It’s worth noting that different brands of bras come with various sizing, so always measure yourself when going shopping for underwear.

2.    Do Consider The Seams

Structured cups with seams usually don’t provide the best support, but they can give an excellent lift and a great shape. This tip is worth mentioning as many women tend to overlook this part. When buying a bra, you can determine the shape by looking at the seam. Check out the seams that allow your breasts to look full, centered, and comfortable.

Depending on your preferences, there are different types of seams for bras. If you want invisible seams so you can wear them underneath spandex fabrics, you can go for seamless bras. Nevertheless, if you plan to wear this bra with dark clothing, the seam won’t show through the material, so you might as well choose a more supportive option.

3.    Do Know Your Body Type

Another tip worth noting when bra shoppingis knowing your body type. Knowing your body type does not only help empower you and make you feel good and confident in your own body but can also make it easier and faster to shop for the best pair that works best for you and which designs or styles suit your body figure.

You can check out some resources to understand your body type more and select the best kind of bra. Specific bras are intended for different breast shapes, from full coverage to demi-cups or bralettes.

4.    Do Wear The Right Shirt When Bra Shopping

Another thing to do when shopping for suitable brasis to wear a fitting shirt. This allows you to anticipate what your outfit will look like when wearing such a piece underneath.For instance, you can wear a fitted one with a light color to better assess whether the bra can be visible or the seams are too evident on the shirt. With a fitted shirt, you can choose the bra that will have the best result.

Another tip is to bring the dress or outfit you’re planning to wear on occasion to find the best suitable bra that comes with it. Some sexy dresses need special bras that aren’t visible, so it’s best to bring the outfit and fit them and see how it all fits together.

The Do’s

1.    Don’t Go For Bras That Don’t Stretch

When selecting the best bra, make sure they come with stretchy fabric and material, so it’s not too tight on your skin. Typically, lycra and spandex are popular materials for bras. However, they could naturally lose their stretchable feature over time.

More so, when buying a bra, make sure it’s fastened at the widest position possible, taking into account the fabric’s inevitable give. Make sure they have the right fit on your body when it’s hooked on the very last part.

2.    Don’t Overlook The Quality

A certain amount of expensive lingerie can be genuinely exquisite – and they come with that price tag to prove it. Some lingerie brands come with the most luxurious fabric and materials. However, well-made underwear can be made possible despite the absence of a hefty price tag.

In today’s market, there are bras from various brands and at a variety of price points. There are also different bra designs such as backless tops, bridal undergarments, and dress bras. In some cases, lingerie that costs more does not automatically equal better quality. So, the next time you go bra shopping, don’t just look for their price tag; check the quality more thoroughly.

3.    Don’t Ignore The Care Instruction Tag

Your bar shopping journey doesn’t end at checkouts. After your purchase, you should properly maintain it, so it lasts longer. Ideally, it’s recommended to wash your bra after every two wears. More so, a bra usually comes with a care tag.  So, it’s best to follow through with their instructions. One common way to wash them is through handwashing, but some may prefer using the washing machine.

Remember not to toss them in the dryer and go for detergents that are not too strong for the bra material. In addition, undergarments should be laundered in a netted laundry bag to prevent the hooks from catching on other clothing and prevent the bra from getting bent out of shape while being washed.


The right bra can do much more for you than just covering your body. It’s crucial for them to feel comfortable, secure, and tight on your bust. And based on the tips above, shopping for the best bra doesn’t have to feel overwhelming and stressful, especially if you consider what to do and what not to do.

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