The cosmetic industry is all set to accept these new technology based trends

L’Oreal’s Kérastase Hair Coach

Until now, the whole makeover concept has been hitting humans and homes, well now, it seems like the beauty industry is also waiting in line for its new makeover, and who is responsible for this? Well it’s all thanks to technology. That is correct; technology has not left any sector or industry on the planet without having its presence known. The cosmetic industry is all set to meet its new offspring’s with the launch of various kinds of innovative tech trends that are changing the face of the industry. Let us look some of the ways that technology is making this positive and innovative change.

Let us meet the new sibling of mirrors – HiMirror


First, we had smart home products, and now it is smart beauty mirrors that will soon be making its presence known. In the recent CES 2017 show, this new and innovative mirror received an award called the CES 2017 Innovation Awards Honoree as it was listed under the product category of Smart Homes. The starting price for the Hi Mirror is $189, which is the basic model. This product has a design that is touch free in nature and is the one stop solution to all your skin needs.

What makes this product so unique is that by taking a simple photograph, you can get an in-depth analysis of your skin. To make this concept even more interesting, you will also get to know various flaws that are deep rooted into your skin such as wrinkles, pores, sun damage, and complexion issues. If that is not enough, be prepared to even have personalized suggestions of the routines and product recommendations that will be ideal for every flaw on/in your skin. Now that is truly a smart mirror.

Tech giant Samsung has a beauty surprise for you – S-Skin

samsung S-Skin

Where there is innovation there is technology, and where there is technology there is Samsung. This company is truly setting an example of no restrictions when it comes to creativity, innovation and technology. The company has made its name in the Smartphone and Smarthome sectors, now it is also taking on the beauty and cosmetic industry with S-Skin.

The S-Skin is a device that tracks and analyzes your skin condition. Not just that, it also helps in treating skin problems thanks to the micro needles that come with the S-Sin device. These needles penetrate into the skin, and take the necessary measurements with the use of special ingredients. This will be perfect to treat conditions like blemishes, wrinkles, dark spots and various other skin issues.

Gets special hair brushing coaching through L’Oreal’s Kérastase Hair Coach

L’Oreal’s Kérastase Hair Coach

We all know that when it comes to hair care, there is nothing better than using the products of L’Oreal. Now the company has come up with an innovative hairbrush that purely takes care of your hair. Therefore, what is this brush all about? Well, this water resistant batter powered brush prevents you from brushing your hair too hard and gives you all the training that you need for caring for your hair perfectly. It also helps you to know if you have too much of weak or damaged hair. The price of this brush is $200 and it will give you the true value for your money.

3D concept is all set to hit beauty pallets


Off late, the 3D technology has been creating a buzz and hitting headlines under different industries. It seems to be that it’s next target is the cosmetic industry. The 3D technology is all set to make its mark on beauty products like lipsticks, powders and print eye shadow. It has already hit the perfume sector and is now venturing its way into the beauty and make up front. Not only will the products be a true test of technology but the best part is that each product will be sent to the FDA for approval before it hits the market. Worried about options, well do not be, you will find all the possible shades, colors and finishes under this front of products that will change your beauty regime.

Just a final note

Without a doubt, the upcoming technology based products are truly showing that there are no boundaries or restrictions. These products will surely be welcomed and accepted, as they not only bring in freshness in the industry, however, they also gives us a lot more to look out for.

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