Can a teenager go for medium scene haircut at school?

I am 13 years old, and I have shoulder length straight hair. My batch mates call me simpleton, as I haven’t got a haircut done for last many months now! In fact, last time I went with my sister, I got my hair cut in three layers. Now, the layers seem to grow a bit too long, and are not quite evident as well, due to my straight hair. I have a good hair growth, and therefore, I have thought of going for a medium scene haircut this time. None of my batch mates has tried it, because of its maintenance, but I think I could manage it well. I just want to know from some fashion expert, whether you would recommend it to a teenager as me, with a round cute face. I use headbands as well, so do you think, it would be a good idea to wear headbands over the new haircut in school. Would it not look rebellious kind of thing? Please advice! Thanks.