Quickly rejuvenate weary eyes with Iris illuminating eye massager

Tired eyes, puffy eyes, dark circles and many other things are some of the most common problems that we face. Hectic lifestyle,stress, strain to the eyes due to computer and television,erratic modern lifestyle takes its toll on our delicate eyes. If you want to get rid of all of those dark circles and bags then opt for the Iris illuminating eye massager.

The function of iris illuminating eye massager

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The tiredness and ageing of eyes can be seen by everyone very prominently. This delicate area suffers a lot due stress and even negligence. Iris is a great way of pampering your eyes. It makes use of the alternating T-Sonic Technology. This unique massager helps in fading the dark circles and helps us get rid of crow’s feet and under-eye bags.  It thus helps you and your look beautiful and ravishing.

What is this alternating T Sonic Technology?

This unique technology is developed by FOREO. It is basically inspired by the Asian finger-tip tapping eye massage. Iris makes use of pulsations. These work more effectively than ordinary massage it available in two modes depending on the requirement. These are the pure mode and the Spa mode. Pure mode is similar to the gentle manual massage.

This mode is most effective when your skin has just begun to show the signs of aging. In the Spa mode as the name suggests it is a more professional massage. Here tapping is combined with pulsations and is useful for more prominent and advanced signs of ageing.

How to use it?


Apply the eye cream or the serum. Apply Iris on the eye contour on the left eye and then on right eye. Apply it for 30 seconds. Use the modes as per your requirement. It has been found that it reduces under eye bags very effectively. It is almost 70% more effective on dark circles and is also 43% more effective in reducing crow’s feet and fine lines.

Other key features of Iris

It has ultra hygienic silicone. It is totally safe. It is made from non-porous medical grade silicone. It prevents the building up of bacteria. It does not contain BPA and phthalates. It is safe for the body and hypoallergenic.It is very gentle and does not harm your delicate eyes. It provides value for money. It comes with 2 year limited warranty and 10 year quality guarantee. It has a smart Swedish design. It is light in weight and when it is completely charged it can be used 140 times.

So if you want great looking eyes with no signs of ageing,dark circle and under eye bags then opt for Iris. Give your eyes the best treatment right in the comfort of your home and no need of spending money at your beauty salon.

Source : Foreo.Com

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