Study says, Diets rich in low glycaemic index keeps acne at bay

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Nutritionists at RMIT University have discovered that diets rich in low glycaemic index clears acne in teenage boys. Facts provided by them claims that foods low in glycaemic index naturally lowers insulin and glucose levels in the body and as a result of which the tendency of pores getting clogged is relegated to the background.

However, the report points out that low-GI foods is only one aspect of foods that should be taken to keep acne at bay. Foods rich in Omega3, antioxidants, low in calories and sugar are another aspect of an acne-free diet.

With facts lying claims on antioxidant protecting capacities of a low-glycemic diet, the assertion might be considered as a reliable study. This study can be furthered low-glycemic diets for acne patients, which will help them to chuck out depressants like Roaccutane from their acne-cure regimes.

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