Studies reveal the harm beauty products are inflicting upon the environment and women

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Every industry has some kind of impact on the environment, the same is applicable to the beauty industry as well. In order to look beautiful women use a variety of beauty products thinking that they will help them to look more beautiful. As much as we have seen amazing results with how makeup can transform a person’s looks, what we do not realize is that the brunt of the manufacturing of these products is affecting us on a large scale. No doubt, the Chemicals that are used in various beauty products can have side effects, however, they are equally contributing towards damaging the environment in many ways.

The impact of the chemicals in beauty products on the environment

Unethical practices on animals

Unethical practices on animals

In order to test the various products, animals bear the first, they go through various testing phases. What makes this worse is that the remains of the testing phase beauty products are dumped out in the open wherein it also gets into the stomachs of wild and innocent animals. This is especially the case with beauty products like body lotion, sunscreen, shaving products, lip balms, deodorant, soaps, conditioner and shampoos. Environmentalists have been repeatedly telling us about the impact the various chemicals and formulas have on the environment. Even the ones that are washed down drains make their way to the ocean in one form or the other, and pollute their waters.

Chemical ingredients that are not eco friendly

urine sample

In order to make one particular beauty product, different chemicals have to be mixed together to form a powerful formula that is the base of the product. The so-called beauty benefits may help us to look good, but at the end of the day, the fact is that these toxins are not just damaging our health in some form or the other but the environment as well. The raw materials that are used have equally created a negative impact as per a few studies that were conducted.

For example, during one particular study, scientists had analyses the urine and tissue samples that were taken from animals as well as humans. The results of these studies revealed that, in the urine there were traces of phthalates, which is a chemical that is used in cosmetic, and beauty products. Apart from that, in the tissue sample taken from a breast tumor, there were traces of parabens, which are preservatives that are used in beauty products. What was shocking was that these traces were not just seen in the animals living in testing labs, but instead they were observed in the animals that are living out in the wild.

The impact of the chemicals in beauty products on women

 Non- white woman

Although the list of impacts that beauty products have on the environment can go on, let us look at the impact it has on women.  Women of every color suffer if they use too many beauty products. However, it’s the non-white women that suffer the most. The recent studies conducted have pointed out that Non- white woman especially those who are of African origin indulge into too many beauty products as a part of their beauty regime.

Their hair and their face suffer because of these beauty products. This is because they use a combination of different hair products at the same time and this is done every day. This in turn results in them developing dull and frizzy hair. Those who use too much of makeup, end up looking older than their age.

Women develop various kinds of health issues due to the chemicals


Due to the extent of damage the chemicals have caused, some have also been affected with terminal diseases like cancer while others, in whose blood toxins have reached, stand at the risk of other harmful neurological damages. These studies were conducted over women who were aged between 18 and 34 years. This is another clear indication that beauty products due make you look gorgeous but the biggest question is at what cost.

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