Technology and traditional practices come together to give you the best beauty treatments

best beauty treatments

There was a time when spa and salon used to be filled with appointments for manicure and wet cuts. Now, thanks to the various beauty and cosmetic treatments, new norms are fat freezing treatments, plant stem cell facials and lash lifts. These new treatments are now shifting people from spas and saloons to cosmetic clinics. The traditional practices are getting a new form with the help of technology so that people get the best treatments when it comes beauty enhancement. Let us look at a few beauty treatments that have hit the market recently.

Bliss Triple Micr02dermabrasion facial

Micr02dermabrasion facial

If you want to get rid of your dead skin cells, then the Bliss Triple Micr02dermabrasion facial is surely something you can try. In this treatment, the use of ultra fine crystals in incorporated into the skin through microdermabrasion. This treatment is ideal for people with very sensitive skin. In this technique, a device that is shaped in the form of a wand is used. This wand offers 60 levels of exfoliation and 20 speed settings. The results that were seen were not just incredible but showed an overall improvement in the skin condition. This is because apart from the device, LED technology is also used to gain the necessary results.



The claims of this new treatment is that people will see visible results if they opt for this treatment for a few months. The concept of this treatment is that, it helps to inflame and rapture the fat cells with the help of cold air so that they can be flushed out naturally from the body. Cooltech is a treatment that basically kills the fat cells. The team of scientists who developed this form of beauty treatment got their inspiration from children who love sucking on ice-lollies. They believed that these children developed dimples on their check due to the cold temperatures. The process that is used for this particular technique is termed as cryolipolysis. Although this treatment does help to kill the fat cells in the body, however, it does help in preventing new ones from forming.

Hyperlocal ingredients for a Chakra massage


This is a new treatment that has hit a few spas in Wisconsin, New York and a few other cities of US. In this massage, various herbs and flowers are used which help to realign and activate the chakras of the body. This form of treatment is more yoga based and it comes in a variety of variations. In some treatments under this particular form of massage, even maple syrup is used. A session of 80 minutes, would cost you around $190.

Water treatments

Water treatments

The therapies that were used during the Roman times have been inspirational on their own. Well, it looks like once again these treatments have come into power. There are a few spas across the world that offer a variety of water based treatments.

In this beauty treatment, a special Acoustic Room is developed which is equipped with special underwater speakers that are placed in a VibrAcoustic bath. The aim of this treatment is to help a person relax and feel rejuvenated by the end of it. In some tubs, even light and color therapy is used to give better results. Without a doubt, this is a treatment that is a true example of combination of traditional practices with the latest technology.

Sleep therapy out of the house


People who face sleeping issues can benefit from this treatment. For this, they would need to go to a special center where they receive special training about exercises, food and various other factors that can disrupt their sleep. The concept of this treatment is to help people to train their minds and alter their lifestyles so that they can learn how to sleep when it is necessary. The person would need to book a room, as this treatment can vary from 4 days to as long as they want. Another concept and intention of this treatment is to make people learn how to sleep considering that this is a concept that is forgotten due to the way our lives have become.

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