Strategies to Help Your Looks Return to Their Former Glory

Return to Their Former Glory

Life comes at you fast with children or an intense job leading you to prioritize other things besides your look, exercising, and eating in the healthier manner possible. Making time for these things is important especially if you feel like your looks are declining as a healthy lifestyle can help combat the impacts of aging. Assessing where you can start living in a healthier manner is the first step as you need to create a plan. A lack of plan or goals will make it very difficult to hold yourself accountable in particular on those days you want a pizza and to skip the gym. As we get a bit older it becomes more work to maintain our look but it will just take a few extra minutes daily to make a huge difference. The following are strategies to help you improve your look in various areas so you can be proud of your appearance.

90-Day Nutrition Challenge to Kickstart Your Healthy Eating

cutting out sodaThe internet is full of nutrition as well as fitness challenges that can be the perfect starting point for many trying to clean up their diet. These diets can include cutting out soda or energy drinks from a diet as these are high in calories as well as sugars. Many challenges include a fitness element but the diet can be followed while you set up your own exercise regimen. Take the time to setup a meal plan as this will make it far easier and reduce opting for takeout or delivery which rarely is the best option in terms of health.

Try Different Intense Workouts to Find One You Love

Finding Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Houston is as easy as doing a quick search online for your specific city. Elite MMA notes “Brazilian Jiu Jitsu – (BJJ) is a dynamic martial art that not only increases mental awareness and physical stamina, but also the confidence of self-defense.” Workouts like these not only are great for weight loss but they also give valuable lessons in case of a situation you have to defend yourself. Intense workouts will be necessary for you to get that body you had a decade ago when you felt like you could eat anything while maintaining a ripped physique.

Investing in Home Fitness Equipment Like A Treadmill or Stationary Bike

Investing in Home Fitness Equipment

Home fitness equipment is far more affordable than many people realize. A stationary bike that gives your heart rate as well as contains a few workouts can be as little as $200. Treadmills tend to be more expensive as they are large fitness machines but both can yield great results. The ability to get in a workout as soon as you wake up or when you are waiting for dinner to finish cooking is a huge advantage. Those that do not have fitness equipment at home might not be able to work out due to weather or their gym being closed. Exercise from the comfort of home to make sure your fitness routine is staying as consistent as possible to maximize results.

Take Care of Your Skin and Teeth as They Can Impact First Impressions

Small things like moisturizing skin as well as putting on tightening creams can make a huge difference when done daily or a few times per day. Avoid too much sun and make sure to use lotion after a long day in the sun as it is impossible to avoid the sun on the beach or on a nice summer stroll. The sun can also damage the hair in extreme ways so make sure that if you are swimming in chlorine or are outside that the right shampoo as well as conditioner is used. Teeth are also important for first impressions so take the extra time daily to maintain your teeth. Using whitening strips has to be done with caution as not using them as directed can lead to damage of the tooth enamel.

Cut Down Your Alcohol Consumption and Quit Smoking


Alcohol impacts your sleep in a negative fashion by not allowing you to enter deep sleep where recovery actually occurs. The combination of alcohol being full of empty calories with the fact that nearly nobody makes great dietary choices after drinking makes this a must quit. This does not mean moderate drinking or a glass of wine with dinner but times where you have multiple drinks should be stopped. Sleep can be associated with skin health so by quitting alcohol you can improve your skin. Quitting smoking should be common sense especially with the recall of many vaping devices that were said to be safer than cigarettes. This can also damage your skin if you do not quit smoking as it has been linked with causing premature wrinkling in many smokers.

The above are ways to start seeing a person that you remember staring back at your in the mirror. Start today as it is never too early to start working on yourself!

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