Simple Yet Effective Tips to Help You Pick the Perfect Diamond

by DrPrem Jagyasi

When it comes to choosing a diamond, a large amount of the decision will be based on what you like and what you find aesthetically appealing. However, there are some specific features you can look for to find a high quality, yet affordable, diamond. If you have ever shopped for diamonds before, you have likely heard about the 4 C’s: Cut, Clarity, Color and Carat. Each of these will impact the look and price of the diamond that you purchase. 

Pick the Perfect Diamond

Keep in mind, choosing a diamond ring is a highly personal decision. While you need to know the basics of what to look for and what is valuable, you also need to “go with your gut” from time to time. If you love the ring, there is a good chance that the person who receives it will, as well. Take some time to make sure that you get a ring that meets the standards highlighted here, and that you love. Taking the time to do this will result in you getting the best ring for you and for your particular loved one.

The Cut   

The shape of the diamond and the quality will be determined by the cut. If you are purchasing a diamond for someone else, it is a good idea to ask for their opinion for this decision. The cuts that you will have to choose from include:

  • Round Brilliant Cut: This is the most popular cut and one that has been around for over 100 years.
  • The Princess Cut: This features pointed corners and is usually square. This is one of the most common cuts used for engagement rings.
  • The Emerald Cut: This offers long and clean lines, offering a sophisticated elegance. Due to the rectangular facets, this cut offers broader flashes of brilliance. This diamond also will have more visible flaws due to the cut.
  • The Asscher Cut: Very similar to the emerald cut, but it is square.
  • The Marquise Cut: This is a dramatic cut offering pointed ends and a longer length. The shape allows for maximum karat weight.

Some of the other diamond cuts that are available include the pear shape; radiant cut; oval cut; heart shape and cushion cut.

The Clarity

Most diamonds will not have visible imperfections. If you are concerned about the clarity of your diamond, you should ask the jeweler about the clarity. You can also ask for a GIA grading report that will disclose the clarity of the stone.

The Color

You should try to find a diamond that will balance price and colorlessness. If you have extra money to spend on the diamond, you should consider purchasing what is called a “fancy” diamond. These have a deeper hue than the traditional diamond.


engagement ring

The karat weight should be the last consideration you make when choosing a diamond. For engagement rings, the most common sizes are ½, 1 or 2 karats. Be sure that you consider the size of the person’s hand before choosing the karat, since a larger diamond may overwhelm someone with small hands.

When you consider these things, you can feel confident that you can purchase a diamond that is right for your particular needs, as well as the needs of the wearer.  Regardless of if you want to purchase tacori engagement rings, or some other brand, you will find that knowing what to look for is a top priority. Take some time to review the information here, after all, an engagement ring represents a rather large purchase. If you aren’t careful, it may wind up that you pick a ring that isn’t really worth what you paid for. When you know the facts and details, you can feel confident that you have found a ring your loved one is going to love.

If you really want to get the ring that you want and that meets your budget restraints, then you need to utilize the information here. It will help ensure that you get what you want and need and that the ring you ultimately choose is worth the investment that you make.

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