Right way to shampoo your hair

Washing your hair is quite a simple task. But, does the shampoo actually benefit your hair? A lot depends on the way you shampoo your hair. Here are a few tips you should adopt the next time you go for a head wash.

1. Pre-wash

Before you begin to wash your hair, make sure that you comb and brush them to detangle the ends. This would reduce hair breakage and the dirt on your scalp would loosen up. Also remember that if your hair and scalp is oily then you can shampoo your hair daily, other shampooing every alternate day or twice a week is suffice. After you have finished brushing, thoroughly wet your hair with water. You can use warm water. Since, shampoo forms lather, therefore nicely wet hair are necessary for shampooing.

2. Applying shampoo

After you have saturated your hair with water, take shampoo. Most people commit the mistake of using too much shampoo. In fact several experts point out that we barely need a quarter of shampoo from what we put on our hand. If you use good hair products then you must know that even little is better, as professional hair products are thick in concentration.

3. The proper way

Washing your hair is a basic necessity. Therefore, after you apply shampoo, massage it gently onto your scalp with fingertips. Instead of piling the hair on the top and scrubbing it like you are washing clothes, run your fingers down your hair. Don’t scrub or massage too hard. After massaging for a while, let the shampoo stay on your head for two-three minutes. Instead of rinsing off quickly, leave the shampoo for some time for thorough cleaning.

4. Rinsing action

Now you need to rinse the shampoo and dirt off your hair. Rinse your hair properly. At times plenty of shampoo might not be rinsed, so you need to carefully clean it. It is said the hair is clean when it squeaks. So, follow this advice. Squeeze out the excess water. You may repeat the process if requires as shampoo bottles may direct you ‘Apply, rinse and repeat.’ But at the same time, a repeat isn’t always necessary. If you wash your hair every day or every alternate day then you can skip this step. This step is generally required when you are treating Dandruff. You can also repeat if you shampoo less frequently as it will help you get rid of the dirt and oil accumulated on hair and scalp.

5. Conditioning

Rub a squirt on conditioner on between your palms and message the ends of your locks. Don’t put the conditioner on your scalp. Remember shampoo is for cleaning and conditioner is for moisturizing your hair. Leave the conditioner on your hair for about 2 minutes (or as directed in the product).

6. Final rinse

Rinse with warm water and then follow it with cold water rinse to seal your cuticles. This is an age old idea of enhancing shine of your hair. Squeeze any excess water.

7. Blot dry

After squeezing additional liquid, wrap the towel in a turban style. .This would absorb water from hair. Don’t rub your hair with the towel, this would cause breakage and split ends. Rubbing towel may lead to broken tips. Lastly, use a wide tooth comb to detangle hair after they have dried.

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