4 Tips to maintain your tan in winters

Tanned skin has been desirable since ages. Women love to have a gorgeous tanned skin so that they look sexy and attractive. However, getting that natural sun tan is only possible during summer. When winter arrives, you would have to kiss goodbye to the natural tan as well. However, there are ways in which you can retain that sexy tan even during the winter. The options range from artificial tanning through tanning beds or spray tans. We have shared the essential details, read on and protect your tan this winters.

1. Go for artificial tanning

To maintain that summer-acquired tan of yours and to get a stronger tan, the tanning bed is an ideal option. These tanning beds work by exposing your body to artificial UV light for a couple of minutes. Since natural tan is a result of UV radiations of the sun, this is compensated by giving artificial UV light.

Tanning beds are pretty popular around the world and most people go for it so as to have tanned skin. Though there are fears that these artificial beds could be dangerous yet the general accepted view is that it is not harmful if given moderate exposure. Special lotions are also sold after the treatment of tanning beds as they help in enhancing the color.

2. Use spray tans

These are a relatively easy option than tanning beds and you can attain tanned skin pretty easily. However, you need to hire a professional in order to get spray tanned. You can choose a tan color according to your skin color and by using a special spray gun you can get a tanned look all over your body.

It is important that you hire a professional so that the color is distributed uniformly throughout. If you end up doing this yourself, you’ll get mismatched tan appearance and will spoil your look. Though spray tans are not a permanent solution, they definitely constitute an immediate solution. They can last somewhere between 7-10 days depending upon how often you exfoliate as the color fades with every trip to the shower.

3. Try self tanners

These self tanners are lotions that comprise of ingredients used to color the skin. These ingredients are usually elements that give a tanned look to your skin. However, they are not very simple and easy to use. This is because you can’t distribute the lotion uniformly on your skin in a perfect way, making this a difficult method to obtain tanned skin. If at all you are opting for this method then be careful to distribute it uniformly.

Like spray tans, these self tanners are temporary and fade with showering and exfoliation of the skin. However, this is a convenient method to adopt as it can be done within the confines of your home. The market is filled with several types of self-tanner lotions and you can pick the one which will give you the perfect look and the one that’s closer to natural sun tan.

4. Include tanning in your beauty regime

Your summer tan can be maintained for long provided you incorporate some basic steps in your beauty regime. Start with moisturizing your skin. Moisturizing keeps your skin hydrated and supple for a long time. Every day after you shower, apply moisturizing lotion to your entire body.

The lotion could be either Aloe Vera based or rich in Vitamin E. You should also drink plenty of water for a healthy and hydrated skin. Make-up can be done in such a way that adds a tan to your look. Use a shimmery bronzer as a part of your make-up routine so that your cheeks glow with summer tan.

Thus, there are plenty of ways to acquire that tanned look even in the winter. All you have to do is to choose a method which you can easily follow and glow in the winter too.

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