Say goodbye to daily annoying beauty problems

Today women face many beauty related problems on daily basis. Sometimes, it’s with our skin or hair or beauty related products. It is difficult to fix these problems without proper knowledge because one wrong step can make things wrong. Today we have some methods to fix your daily beauty problems at our own.


Dry Skin:  Dry skin, especially in winters, is a very common problem for women. Apply some coconut oil on daily basis as moisturizer to avoid dryness.

Apply a Smudge free Mascara and eyeliner: Use blotting tissue around the eyes to remove unwanted oil or any other moist particles over your eyes and then apply the Mascara or eyeliner – it will stay for whole day.

Long Lasting lip Color: Use any lip balm before applying lip color. Ensure that the lip balm should be matching to your lip color so that you can get a perfect gloss.

Damage Nail: If your nail just broke, try to apply another coat of nail color with light touch of sponge.

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Dried Nail Paints: Your favorite nail paint is dried out and you have to go for a party. Nothing to worry, just apply few drops of nail paint remover into you nail paint and shake it well. It will dilute the nail paint again.

Curly Hairs: Brush your curls with your fingers to give them a great bounce.

Compact cake: Collect all the pieces together, and apply some alcohol with the help of cotton or sponge. Let it dry over night and it will be ready to use next morning. Use blushers keeping at least a gap of two fingers from your nose.

If you are in love with slicked black hair, use of serum can help you a lot.


Wash your Face: Before applying makeup on your face, make sure it is ready to take it. Clean your face properly before applying makeup.

Dark Circles:  Mixing cucumber juice with drops of lemon juice can cure dark circles.

Pimples or Acne: Try using some baking soda with drops of water, make a paste and apply it on acne. Leave it for 10 minutes. It will help you reduce acne and, regular use of the same will cure the acne problem soon. (If your skin is sensitive, please do not repeat this).

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