Four extremely painful beauty habits followed by women

by DrPrem Jagyasi

There is something about being a woman and the need to look beautiful no matter what. It is not uncommon for us to find women trying out every single tip or trick they can find in order to look presentable, including desperately trying to fit into a pair of jeans that is half their size or applying multiple layers of makeup to hide imperfections in the skin. But to what extent would a woman go to look beautiful to the outside world? To any extent we say! And we prove it by giving you four extremely painful beauty tips women around the world follow no matter how bad the repercussions may be.


Eyelash Curlers

Sure you can get beautiful looking eyelashes with these eyelash curlers. But that doesn’t serve as an excuse for bringing this contraption dangerously close to your eyeballs. While the body’s natural tendency would be to move or away quickly when something comes near the eyes, many women endure this harrowing procedure just to get curvy eyelashes. If you ever noticed a woman using these cold, hard metal devices, you would know what we are talking about.


Threading and Waxing

You would never be able to get a man to sit on that chair for even 5 minutes after the procedure starts. And yet, women around the world endure countless hours of pain inflicted first by the hot wax that is applied on the body, and then the wax strip that is placed over this wax and pulled off strikingly fast. The reason? A beautiful looking body. And if you wonder how painful it would be to wax the entire body, wait until you opt for a face wax or threading session to know the true meaning of the word ‘pain’.


High Heels

They pinch, they hurt and they cause the feet to crack up. Yet, many women around the world opt to wear heels in order to look taller and more glamorous. But let’s face it. After all those hours of strutting around in designer heels, there is not a single lady out there who would remove these ‘feet killers’ for just a moment to get some air and relaxation for her feet.


Hair Curling and Straightening

Walk over to a guy and tell him the various steps you follow religiously every day to make y our hair look lustrous and shiny, and he would look back at you as if you have gone crazy. But say the same words to a girl and she will immediately understand you. The reason? For boys, it’s just some shampoo, conditioner and styling gel to get the hairstyle of their choice. For girls though, it’s more about shampoo, conditioner, smoothing lotion, blow dryer, flat iron, straightener, and curler and finally styling gel to get the desired hairstyle. See the difference, as well as the obvious hurdles a woman’s hair needs to go through before coming out all silky and shiny?

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