Five beauty secrets from the best in the business

You may have seen, read and heard your fair share of beauty tips, tricks and advices from everyone around you, making it confusing to choose the best tips among the lot. Well, here are discussing some beauty secrets straight from the people who know them the best.


Opt for Layer Liners:

There are strong chances of you smudging the liner while applying it to your eyes, especially if you are a newbie. Opt for liquid liners that would stay longer and remain smudge free for longer periods as well. But how can you apply a liquid liner properly in the first try itself? Simple, line your eyes with a thin pencil liner first. Now apply the liquid liner evenly on the line you just drew. This would give you a flawless, smudge free look for hours.

Stop Oil and Powder

It pays to stop applying powder after the age of 35 when wrinkles and fine lines usually start becoming prominent. Powder can settle into these lines and wrinkles, and make them stand out, thereby making you look old instantly. Go for tinted moisturizers instead which would deflect light and take the focus away from the wrinkles.

Excess oil on the face can also make your skin look tired and aged. So opt for a good quality facial blotting tissue to remove excess oil from the face.

Keep hydrating your skin

The more frequently you hydrate your skin, the younger and more beautiful it would look with age. Drink lots of water to keep your skin moisturized for longer periods as this would also boost body metabolism, rev up energy levels and keep your skin glowing. If the summer heat gets to you, opt to spray some water on your face to keep it looking fresh and radiant.


Conceal with the Concealer

Correct use of a concealer would enable your skin to get a flawless appearance. You can dab some concealer under eyes to hide dark circles. You can also hide other imperfections in the skin like dark spots with a concealer. Always opt for good quality concealers and apply some moisturizer on the skin beforehand to avoid creasing.

Body Lotion mixed with Body Oil

Here is another secret that will leave your skin with a beautiful, natural looking shine. Add a few drops of body oil (olive oil would work) to your body lotion before applying it on your body. The combined effects of the oil and the lotion would give your skin a natural, to-die for glow.

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