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Sarah Jessica Parker is one of the widely known faces all over the world. She is the face of SM’s Love to Shop campaign. The award-winning actress perfectly fits SM’s campaign because of her “fashion/style power.” As columnist Carrie Bradshaw on HBO’s hit series Sex and the City, Sarah Jessica captivated millions of people around the world with her “fabulosity.” In the series, Sarah wore fashion-forward wardrobe and designer shoes like Prada, Jonathan Kelsey, Manolo Blahnik and Dolce Vita. On the red carpet, Sarah impresses spectators with her elegant gowns while at other times, she surprises everyone with her head-turning headpieces created by famous milliner Philip Treacy.

Astonishingly, in a recent interview, Sarah was heard to say that she is very uncomfortable with the tag, “fashion icon”. She says this in reference to the fact that she thinks that each has his or her own distinctive way of dressing up and nobody as such, should be called by that term, especially her. She thinks that it is not fit for her, even though she does dress up nicely when the occasion calls for it.


Is being stylish a natural talent or something she has learned along the way? “Why is it that a lot a people in the room can look a certain way? It’s a way of distinguishing yourself from everybody else and that’s the relationship you have with clothes. I think I’ve always loved well-made clothes. But I think the time I spent on Sex and the City gave me an entirely different experience in fashion. I think I learned to break the rules.”

Sarah is a staunch supporter of the arts and education movement in the United States. Her being a public figure transcends boundaries. “I think emotionally what it does — it’s an outlet. To have the opportunity to express yourself, to learn to look at art and have a feeling and tell a story. I think it enriches people’s lives here in your country to be more open to learn about tolerance and diversity. I think those make us better people,” she explained.

She says that she has been, for the last 12 years ion complete joy over getting to lead double lives, one in her own shoes and the other in Carrie’s. However, she thinks that no matter what the real thing is much more important.


As of today, she is happily married and leads a peaceful and quiet life with her husband and three sons.

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