Eyebrow transplant

In a world where technology is developing and advancing at light speed each and every day, cosmetic surgery is reaching newer heights, Cosmetic surgery, has within the recent years grown to be quite a lucrative industry with more numbers than ever before, of people wanting to change some aspect, some facet, some part of themselves. After all, who doesn’t like to look in the mirror and find a gorgeous face looking back at them??

With cosmetic surgery till yesterday, people have been changing parts of their face such as the lips, the nose perhaps, but in recent years, a new trend has set in which is that of eyebrow transplant.


It often happens that certain people in some mishap or the other damage their eyebrows permanently. Maybe a plucking session gone wrong, or something or the other; of course, some people are just not endowed with thick and heavy set eyebrows, not even a bit of hair. For people like them, this new method has been invented which is said to be completely safe, and you will get the perfect shape, the perfect size that you want.

The procedure involves the doctor taking a bit of skin from the scalp, some part where the hairs on your head do match the texture of the hair in the eyebrows. This skin with all the hair follicles is then transplanted to the surgical table, where the doctors dissect the skin completely into individual hair follicles. After that, what is done is there are small holes pored into the part where the new eyebrow will reside. The patient is already asked to describe the shape in which she or even he wants his or her new brows. Into that shape are the holes pored, and after that it is just a matter of inserting the hair follicles one by one into the designated spots.


People have actually raised their eyebrows at the idea of an eyebrow transplant, but after all who are we to be judgmental ? It is quite tough for people who do not have the perfectly shaped eyebrows, it just about mars the look of the face. Therefore, if someone thinks that that is what they will do in order to look beautiful, by all means, they are welcome to it. There have been strange things enough that have been done in the name of beauty, so what is so novel about it??

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