Eco friendly hair tips from Celeb stylist David Babaii

When it comes to famous hair stylists in Hollywood, David Babaii is one of the most renowned names. Angelina Jolie, Nicole Kidman, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kate Hudson are some of the main clients of David Babaii. Recently he launched his own line of natural hair products. Kate Hudson is brand ambassador of this product line. Hydrating and amplifying shampoo, hair conditioner, Volcanic ash sculpting clay, hair polish, Bohemian spray, Whipped mouse, flat iron, blow dryer, and fiber molding paste are some of the hair products which are launched by him.

Hair tips from David Babaii

According to him you can take care of your hair in eco friendly ways. This will also prevent any damaging to hair. Some of the eco friendly hair tips are:

1. Adding volume to hair: Sometimes your hair becomes straight and you want to add volume to them. Do not rely on chemical based hair products, try something eco friendly. Use a new tooth brush to comb hair. This will add volume to your hair naturally. Apply hair polish or molding paste to your hair and just comb it with a tooth brush. You can also use tooth brush as temporary curlers. These loose curls will add volume to hair.

2. Skipping shampoo: Sometimes it happens that you don’t have time to shampoo your hair. In that case use baby powder to remove any excess oil from hair. Just take a cotton pad and dab some baby powder to the roots of hair. Work well with hands and then comb. If you want to add fragrance, spray your favorite hair spray with lemon or any other fragrance.

3. To give curly look: If you use flat irons or curlers to curl your hair, just try this eco friendly way to curl your hair. Wash your hair with a Volumizing shampoo at night. When they become slightly dry, braid your hair in smaller sections. If you want loose curls then keep your braid loose and if you want tight curls, keep your braid tight. Spray beach spray on the braids. In the morning undo hair braids. If you want to add more texture then spray with beach spray. You can also twist your hair in a way you want hair curls rather than hair braids.

4. For straight hair: Make your straight hair more glamorous by using hair accessories like pins, head bands, and clips. Make a pony tail while leaving some hair sections. Twist those left hair in different shapes. Spray with beach spray and leave it. Use scarf’s and ribbons to add more to glamorous look in eco friendly way.

5. Curling hair in eco friendly way: Shampoo your hair with Volumizing shampoo. Spray with beach spray and twist sections of hair. Leave them to dry. To add more texture, work with hands. Move your hands to add more texture and volume. Use a hair spray to set the desired hair style or you can also apply David Babaii for wild aid molding paste and arrange your hairs texture in the way you like.

If you want to use David Babaii hair products, you can go to his website and can choose products according to your needs.

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