Neon Colored Lipsticks- When Not to Use These

by DrPrem Jagyasi

Neon colored lipsticks are a rage among youngsters and hip and happening girls who dare to go bold with their pouts. They come in varying shades and striking hues to glow in the dark and catapult your discotheque style a notch higher. Wear them with neon T-shirts and accessories and stand under the dazzling disco lights and you are sure to turn heads towards you. You can choose from a plethora of colors that had been hitherto never been thought of in the genre of lipstick.

Dare to wear a vibrant pink or a bright purpose neon lipstick or perk up your luscious pouts with stunning red or sassy orange lip colors- they are there to make you stand out in the crowd. But happening and attractive as they may be neon colors are not for every occasion. Here are some events or occasions when neon colors simply cannot be your choice for decking up your lips.

beautiful Bride

Wedding: Well, definitely you do not want to scare your hubby or your guests away so stave off from neon colors on your wedding. You may choose to put a striking neon lipstick on your first wedding night before a romp up for the ultimate seductive pout but of course not on your D-Day.


College: You have the liberty to go to college decked up elegantly, but not in a hot or overdone way. Hence, even if you have a college party, try avoiding neon colors to stay a bit on the sober side. Of course, not forgetting your daily college classes when you need to focus on your studies and let others do so instead of gazing at your pout.


To Work: Once again you are hitting your workplace to work, not to distract others from theirs. Neon colors are too bright, bold and striking to be worn to office where makeup should be minimal and elegant so as to keep up your professional aura.

confident woman

Social Gatherings: While you may choose to pick out bright colors for your lips complimenting your gorgeous attires on social gatherings neon lipsticks are a strict no-no in such occasions as well. Neon lipsticks mark you as tacky and too bold to be worn in occasions which involve family and relatives.

If you are crazy about neon lip colors wear them to discotheques, rave parties and night outs with friends are boost your style quotient a notch higher.

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