Contoured eyes- Hit or miss?

by DrPrem Jagyasi

Face-contouring and eye-contouring were all the rage a while back, for the added drama to the face and eyes as well as the chiseled look it brought to the particular areas applied on. So, is it still in this season? Let us find out.


Contoured eyes- Hit or miss?

Contoured eyes were a big trend everyone was following some time back. We saw celebrities like Kim Kardashian even posting videos of themselves doing this make-up procedure. One cannot deny the visible beautification effects of contouring with making the eyes appear bigger than they actually are and making them pop out. However, we see that make-up artists , designers , models and celebrities moving away from the contoured look. Perhaps these reason will throw some light.

  • Too much of effort – The contouring of the eyes can be a job requiring some effort and quite a lot of products.
  • Artificial – People are opting for natural shades this season and ditching the too made-up look which can be the result when contouring.

The trends for make-up for the fall and winter season are moving towards casual and easy to adapt procedures instead of the graphical and chiseled looks which besides taking up a lot of effort also required constant touch-ups. This season is all about a sense of nonchalance and messy, tousled beauty which comes from make-up which looks ,and is effortless.


  • Smoky Eyes and Nude Lips – Francois Nuars explains that the smoky eye look is the perfect choice for “a very cool, fun girl and very underground, but still sophisticated “. The smoky eye look is pulled off best with a flawless complexion and nude lips. The drama is completely on the eyes and they get all the required attention and how. It seems like we can never have enough of this look. This look is very much in and will be for a very long time to come.
  • Smudged Make-up – A Q-tip is all you need for this look which is effortless and looks very cool and chic. Match the intense drama of the black with metallic hues silver or blue to add a modern-touch to the otherwise gothic look.
  • Cat-Eyes – The cat-eye is all in this season with what we have seen in the Mosquino, the Blonds and many other fashion shows and of course on celebrities. The look is very traditional but the modern touch is added because of the flawless complexion and once again nude or discreet rosy nude lips.

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