Natural hair dye is always better than chemical compositions for hair color

by DrPrem Jagyasi

Probably you have already read on papers or online about the harmful effects of chemical peels, dyes and hair products. Research and studies say that those of use who use dark chemical hair colors or those who work as hairdressers, handling chemical colors for decades are more likely to be afflicted with bladder cancer and leukemia.

Natural dyes or vegetable hair dyes are a safer option that pose fewer health risks and make your hair look naturally beautiful. In this article you will find out how vegetable dyes improve the condition of your crowning glory.

What are vegetable or natural hair dyes?

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There are different types of vegetable dyes made from fruits, bark or leaves of plants. Some vegetable dyes are also made from roots or minerals found naturally. Some of these dyes can be used as hair dyes for hiding signs of prematurely graying hair or giving the mane a more gorgeous appearance. In ancient days people used minerals, fruits and even insects for making hair dyes. You may try natural hair dye like henna.

Causes no damage to the hair

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The main reason why natural hair dyes are fast gaining popularity is that they cause almost no harm to the hair. The natural hair dye rather protects the hair strands from harmful UV rays and pollutants. Natural hair dyes do not contain toxins like the chemical dyes and does not impart any negative side effects on the scalp or skin.

Does not make the hair brittle

 hair brittle

It is not easy to care for colored hairs. The chemical hair colors can make your locks brittle and breakable. Hair also starts looking dry and frizzy due to coloring if not taken care of rigorously. The benefit of using natural or vegetable dyes is that they nourish the hair and does not let the strands become drier.

Can be used during pregnancy

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Natural dyes are safe for use during pregnancy. As they do not have toxins and cause no damage to the health pregnant ladies can use them without worry. Chemical dyes may affect the health of the baby in the mother’s womb. The fume from dyes is also dangerous for pregnant women.

Natural or vegetable hair dyes are better than chemical hair dyes. They do not affect the hair adversely and keep your main look lustrous.

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