Utilizing the multi-tasking skill of your beauty products

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The motto of applying makeup is to look better and highlight your best features. If your budget is low then buy beauty products that can run multiple errands for you. Don’t be surprised to hear this. Beauty product manufacturers will like you to believe that the lipstick is just for the lips and the mascara just for the lashes. However, the truth is that you can use these products in multiple different ways. Here are some smart ideas to make your beauty hauls multitask.


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The red lipstick in your vanity case is not just a bold lip color that is perfect for the winter nights but it can also be used as a lip gloss or a lip stain with some aid. Use dots of the red lipstick on your lips and blend well before coating with lip balm.

Your lips will look healthy, attractive and kissable with this unique lip stain on. If you are fond of lip gloss then use little bit of red lipstick with an applicator and coat with clear gloss which is cheaper. Pink and orange lipsticks can be used as blush on the cheeks. You can also use a bold color of lipstick as cream eye shadow or for highlighting the inner corner of your eyes.

Body lotion

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Your body lotion can also give you relief from the frizzy mass of hair. Apply body lotion as you do and then run your lotion smeared sticky hands down the frizzy strands. The moisture of body lotion will pat down the hairs and keep them looking smooth.

Eyeliner pencils

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The eyeliner pencils, available in a variety of colors can be used as eye shadow too. Instead of shadow crayons you can use the eyeliner pencil on the upper lid. Smudge the color with fingers for a nonchalant yet classy look.


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The eye shadows can be used as nail polish. Yes, you can actually scrape some eye shadow powder and mix it with clear nail polish. Single nail polishes are very costly these days. Use eye shadows from your shadow palette for making brilliant cobalt blue, moss green and black nail paint. 

Though never advertised, beauty and makeup products can perform multiple tasks. You just need to use your intelligence to find out new ways of using your lipsticks, eye shadows and eyeliners.

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