Mistakes we make while treating acne

common acne treating mistakes

No skin disorder could be more depressing than acne. Pimples and acne can ruin your physical beauty and make your skin look dull and unattractive. They even work on your mind and take away your self-confidence and you avoid going out and meeting people. Hence, it is very important to get rid of acne, as soon as possible, but in a safe way and without any adverse effects. Following are some ways to avoid treating acne the wrong way.

1. Getting treatment from non-experts:

Acne treatment can be in many ways, and different people can come with different solutions. But every solution may not be safe. Hence it is always better to approach a dermatologist and get proper treatment. Also ensure to complete the course of the medicine and not to miss it. Take the regular dose, as directed and don’t stop even if you notice your skin improving.

2. Getting duped by advertisements for ‘quick fix’ treatment:

Don’t be victimized by the hyped up acne treatments that you see in advertisements. No matter how hard you wish, those stingy acne will not disappear overnight. Hence, stay calm and get only the best and proven acne treatment in Guelph. Also, if you have dry skin with acne, avoid lotions containing alcohol, as it may increase acne than reducing. Remember, every skin type is different; hence the treatment also should be different suitable for your skin type.

3. Stopping medication when skin goes clear:

Sometimes, when we notice great improvement in our skin, we often stop taking the treatment. This is not wise. Medicines and doses for acne, in the beginning, just stop the break out, but they do not stop it entirely and there is still a chance of the acne coming back in case of incomplete treatment. Unless your dermatologist suggests you to stop your medication, keep treating your acne as directed.

4. Avoiding sunscreen or using too many skin products:

As pimples grow, you are tempted to use every sort of face cream to curb them. Avoid this. Use only medicated face wash. At the same time, you might even stop using sun-screens. Sometimes, acne comes as a result of photo-sensitivity, which can be harmful. Hence, use non-cosmetic sun-screens which do not have chemicals to protect your skin from harsh sun rays.

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