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Whenever we step out from our house, we prefer to do little make up to be well presented in the outer world. At times we are out for so long that we need the feel for make-up, using at least essential cosmetics. Sometimes we come across unexpected events like an unexpected meet with your date or an office party, when we long for our make up kit and feel disappointed of not getting ourselves well prepared. Its never too late. Prepare your bag with some essential cosmetics which will enhance your look anytime, any place, without much fuss. If you are not sure what to carry, this article can be of aid to you.

1. Foundation and concealer:

The first essential make-up item is the foundation. Any good liquid foundation helps you to cover the red spots, blemishes, or dark circles. It also makes your face hide the tired look and give a fresh lively look. You can apply a small amount of foundation to your face and blend it nicely into your skin. This can get you an instant refreshing look with a clear complexion. Always choose the foundation based on your skin tone as it gets well blended into your skin while keeping your original complexion intact. Always check the foundation in the daylight and the color that matches with your neck color can be the best foundation color for your skin tone. Also be sure about your skin type. If you have very oily skin always buy oil foundation and if you have a dry sensitive skin shop for hypoallergenic and fragrance free foundation. Now if you have pimples, dark circles and under eye bag, cover it with a concealer. Just apply concealer to the affected area and it gets well blended with your skin to cover minor imperfections.

2. Powder:

This is another important item for your make up bag. Powder itself creates such wonders on your face that it can even substitute foundation, if you have missed to carry one, to give a fresh look. Always buy light translucent powder that will give you bright and natural look. For any opaque coverage, choose pressed powder. Powder helps absorbing the extra oil from your face surface leaving it radiant and fresh. For any oily skin, translucent powders can guarantee a complete and natural finish.

3. Lipstick and lip gloss:

This can be the only thing that most of us never forget to put inside our bag. Lipstick gives an instant feminine and attractive look to your personality. However, make sure to select the right shade which suits your skin tone and also your dress. Also make sure not to have chapped lips; otherwise carry a lip balm as well. If you want to have your lipstick for a longer time, then softly apply a coat of powder after the first coat of your lipstick. Even matte lipstick remains on your lips for a longer time. When you apply glossy one, you look younger and fresh. Gloss or glossy lipstick shades brighten up your face and also give a very candy look to your lips.

4. Eye liner and mascara:

Eyes are the focus of attraction. Hence, you need to take care of putting the eye enhancing items in your make up bag. This includes eye liner/pencil and mascara. You may use eye pencil or liquid liner but always try to line it with the eyelashes. If you want your eyes to look bigger, use beige or white eye pencil for both upper and lower rim so that it can get you the desired result. You can use mascara to give the finishing touches to your glowing eyes. You can have long lashes and in case you are using falsies, never forget to cover it with mascara.

5. Eye shadow:

Last but not the least, don’t forget an appropriate eye shadow. In the morning, prefer to keep your make up natural and simple. For the evening party, you can carry some bold and dark colors. Be careful to avoid a messy look while applying eye shadows, though you can be creative and can experiment. The best is try to have a smoky eyes and that goes well with any type of outfit and occasion.

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