Matte Nail Polish: Top 10 Shortlisted

Matte nail polish came into existence in 1992 and gained extensive popularity in around 2009. Tones of new matte shades and styles were launched to win heart of fashion conscious people. A new fashion statement was created by these non glossy matte shades of grey, purple and blue. These shades are without luster and look very elegant and stylish. Various shades along with Matte finishers and strengtheners have been launched to take care of the nails along with giving them stylish looks. These shades are daring, trendy and individualistic. Each and every shade has been launched and named very interestingly to suit mood of each color. Given below is a list of 10 handpicked shades of matte to diversify your collection.

1. Essie Matte About You Matte Finisher
PRICE : USD 6.25

Essie Matte About You Matte Finisher forms an ideal topcoat for the matte nail polish coats. It could be applied over any of your favorite colors that you already have.


A single coat of matte Finisher could be applied to make any of your existing colors Matte in a minute. This finishing formula gives a long lasting nail color with high shine. The product is salon proven and is known for its high durability. Its main Ingredients are Ethyl Acetate, Silica, Isopropyl Alcohol, and Citric Acid etc. It has key nutrients in it which give nails natural shine and keep them healthier.

It could be applied over any color nail coat.
The flawless glide of Matte finisher over nails imparts beautiful shine and finish to the nails.

2. Zoya MatteVelvet Collection Winter 09
PRICE : USD 2.25

Veruschuka is another beautiful color from Zoya MatteVelvet Collection Winter 09. It’s a gorgeous gunmetal evergreen shade with beautiful shimmer in it. They are designed to give perfect matte finish and no other base coat or finishing coat is required over these MatteVelvet shades featuring shimmer.


It’s a smooth velvety nail color which does not leave behind chunks and chips. It is not very thick but quite enough to impart opaqueness to the nails. Varity of velvety shades are available but this one has something special about it. May be it is its shimmer or beautiful gunmetal color. There is no need to apply base color for this velvet shade otherwise it might stain your nails.

Extremely fast drying like other matte nail paints so that you can get back to work quickly.
They are shimmery which makes nails look attractive and eye-catchy.

3. Butter London Matte Finish

Butter London Matte Finisher is a finishing nail paint which could be applied over any nail color. It is basically applied for smooth and non glossy finish.


Butter London Matte finisher is applied as a topcoat over any color of your choice. It’s a shine free coating for long lasting effect. It helps in transforming nay of the colors to flat matte colors. It has special formula to maintain long lasting manicure and to give shine free finishing touch. Its main ingredients are Ethyl Acetate, Butyl Acetate, and Citric Acid etc. It does not contain formaldehyde or toluene etc.

It helps in creating a new look for every color of your choice.
It gives utterly beautiful look to the nails by imparting a shine free finish.
It has a drying faster formula so you don’t have to wait for long to let it dry.

4. L.A. Girl Matte Finish Nail Polish

L.A. Girl Matte Black finish is very famous among celebrities. It has been created to signify the hottest trend in the nails. Black has always been a ruling color and it will always remain so. This velvety black glide over the nails gives them a beautiful finish as well as a dominating characteristic.


It gives a celebrity feel. It’s a black lush color which looks amazingly beautiful on nails. It dries instantly to give a super flat touch to the nails. It does not give any shine but still look elegant with super flat style and finish. It has diamond powder and white tea extracts in it.

This color is like a must have color of the collection to mark your personality and style.
It’s an intense and iconic shade which will definitely grab attention.

5. Kleancolor Nail Polish Madly Matte

It’s a trend setter nail paint which could revive any of your old lying nail shades. It’s a kind of finisher which could be easily applied over other shades.


It has long lasting formula which is chip-resistant and has got top quality formula. This item is in for the season. This color allows you to change any of your preferred colors to matte instant enabling you to wear any of your color with matte effect. Madly matte is used as a finishing coat over already applied nail polish. It gives a smooth and trendy finish.

It does not chip off easily therefore does not let underneath nail polish to chip off.
It imparts tremendous shine to the nails and gives them a gorgeous look.

6. OPI Matte Gargantuan Green Grape Nail Polish
PRICE : USD 7.34

It is another trendy color from Matte collection. It is a gorgeous and elegant color that speaks for itself. The color signifies “go green” slogan being followed all over the world these days. It allows you to go green in the most stylish and trendy way.


It’s a very stylish and refreshing shade. The green color blends vibrantly with hot summers. It’s a bold color made to suit your individualistic personality and attitude. Green is an eye catchy color and this matte grape green nail lacquer imparts beauty keeping in mind health of the nails as well.

It’s a very attractive color which would definitely help you grab attention and make people adore your hands.
This nail paint does not chip off easily and last for a long time.

7. Zoya MatteVelvet Collection
PRICE : USD 2.25

Zoya Dovima from Zoya Matte Velvet collection is a pleasant black shade with slender silver glitter. This is a very unique and trendy matte color. It’s an elegant shade with slight shimmer effect. The color is full of excitement and ecstasy.


It’s a beautiful blend of polish and sparkle. Two coats are quiet enough to give a gorgeous look. It gives an interesting appeal with manicure effects. There is no need to apply base coat with this amazing velvet shade. As suggested by the name a very royal and rich nail appearance is given by only two coats of the nail paint which is quite enough to make the nails opaque. It gives a stylish graphite feel on the nails.

It has got an instant drying formula for quick drying.
It does not require any base coat application.

8. OPI Nail Polish Matte Nail Envy
PRICE : USD 15.95

Matte nail polishes are very famous these days because of the fact that they not only have natural formula for beautiful nails but have also created healthy nail paints. This nail polish has been created to strengthen the nails.


Matte Nail Envy is a powerful Nail Strengthener which strengthens nails naturally. Matte nail strengthener avoids splitting, shedding and cracking of nails. The product has been created by keeping both men n women in mind. It does not have glossy finish therefore men can also use it to strength their nails. It comes with a “his” and “her” duo gloss for men and women respectively. It could also be applied on toenails and could be applied with colors like light brown and white to give nails a gentle finish as well as healthy manicure.

It’s a friendly product that improves nails quality and strength it in a natural way.

9. OPI Matte Nail Polish – Russian Navy Matte
PRICE : USD 3.99

OPI Matte Russian Navy is a splendid blue color in dark shade. It’s one of the most beautiful colors of OPI Matte collection.


It’s a smooth chip free nail polish which gives a long lasting manicure effect. The dark blue color signifies individualistic attitude. The single application of the coat would make you fall in love with this splendid dark shade. It has a long lasting effect and does not harm the nail bed of nails. The product has been designed keeping in mind health factors along with fashion statement.

It has a quick drying effect on the nails therefore you do not need to wait still for letting your nails dry.
A single coat of Matte Finisher over this shade would give a complete new look to this stunning dark blue shade.

10. Zoya Mod Mattes Mini Nail Polish Trio

It’s an adorable three color Zoya Mod matte set for trendy girls. Zoya color experts have found these three new colors to perfectly suit the preference of young girls. This set has three mini bottles with three different colors.


The set of three colrs is named as Lolly, Mitzi, and Phoebe. These beautiful three shades have been produced in limited edition for now and they have got a little shimmer in them to avoid dullness. They have been launched in Summer 2011 Limited Edition shades. They do not require base color and are free from harmful ingredients like camphor, formaldehyde and toluene etc.

This set makes a perfect girly gift item with three beautiful and lively shades.
The product has been created keeping in mind the health factors as well as they do not contain any harmful ingredients in them.

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