4 Ways to get airbrush sunless tan

sun tanning

Sun-less tanning involves the use of dihydroxyacetone (DHA) in lotions and sprays. This chemical reacts with the amino acids in the dead layer of the epidermis ,resulting in deepening the melanin concentration of the particular area.

Most sun-less lotions are now partnered with an effective SPF for sun-screening and protection. Such body mists, developed by leading cosmetic companies have revolutionized the field of dermatology by paying equal attention to glamour and health as well.

Listed below are four ways you can get yourself that to-die-for, ”just back from the beach” look, right in the city.

1.Tanning salons

When you think of any non-medical skin treatment, you think of the beauty parlor. Tanning salons, in fact are special, separate units within your basic beauty spa ,that offer this wonderful treatment using tanning-beds that use flouroscent lamps made of phosphor blends, or tanning baths where your body is evenly sprayed with tanning chemicals. Most tanning salons have this facility available to their customers, aided by both cutting-edge technology and well-informed, well trained personnel to give you that perfect airbrush sunless tan. However, this method demands frequent trips to the salon and it is true that they charge a bomb for every visit. This is fundamentally, an expensive procedure.

2. Get your own airbrush sunless tanner

For women, the idea of going to the salon, parking yourself in the comfortable seats there, to be pampered by beauty technicians and beauty itself, is a great pleasure. However, if you are keen on being home while the process is on , there is nothing better than buying yourself a tanning machine. Tanners are available in the market, but they cost a good lot. You could try getting a used one from a salon, as they might be willing to sell it at a lower price.Also, you could share the expense with another who is on the look out for our tanning friend. Make sure you buy the equipment, along with all the chemicals that are necessary for it.

3. Private salon owners

There are private salon owners who have these airbrush tanners and could come over to your house to give you that tan you want. This may be costlier than going to the salon, unless you strike a deal with the stylist and get them more business.

You could find these people from your yellow pages directory or even advertise for them in the newspaper. A cheaper and easier way would be to visit your local websites to see if any personal stylists are available for contact.

4.Purchase your own chemicals and airbrush

Frankly, the tanning machine does drain you of a lot of money. Instead, you could buy your own sprays or mists for a tan. However,even with the advent of user-friendly products, giving yourself a tan becomes very difficult. You could ask a friend to help you with it, but as you must know, there is nothing like professional assistance.

You must keep in mind that the less expensive you want to make this procedure, more you will have to compromise on the quality of your tan.

These tans are temporary and they wear off in a week or ten days. However,for uniform tanning, the latest trend we see among lotions and sprays is a subtle darkening and slight increase of the tan every day for however long the formulation is said to work.

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