Match hair color to eye-shadow for a perfect look

Makeup artists and stylists have always known a few tricks of the trade that members of the public just don’t. One such trick is that matching eye-shadow to hair color can have a dramatic effect on one’s look. Here are some tips that will help you match the eye shadow to the color of your hair.


How to match eye-shadow with red hair

Women with red hair would benefit a lot from using colors like mint, jade, emerald and other shades of green. These shades can be combined with black liners to create a sizzling smoky effect or to define the eyes better.

How to match eye shadow to dark hair

For women with brunette hair that are on the darker side, green and blue colors look especially flattering. Women with very pale or very dark skin should use these colors in cold shades though women with tans or median skin tones should use warmer shades to bring out their facial features much better. Women with very pale skin need to avoid using darker shades of these colors if they are planning on using a bold lip color with it.


How to match eye shadow to brunette hair

The color of brunette hair, when repeated in the eye shadow, creates a seamlessly powerful look. Lighter shades of brunette hair look way better with coffee colors with espresso, coffee and mocha colored eye shadows. In fact, brunette women with hair colors that are a shade darker than dirty blonde too can use coffee colors to flatter their facial features. When combined with a lip color in a complementary tone, the makeup looks a lot more finished and suited to the person.

How to match eye shadow to blonde hair

Women with blonde hair can wear most colors on their eyes though the ones that flatter them the most are pink and lavender tones. The simple reason for this is that the glow of blonde hair is highlighted through sparkling colors like pink and lavender. You may use a darker shade of the color in the eyeliner or go with a color like charcoal or deep grey to define the eyes.

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