The Bold and the Beautiful

Bold lipstick seemed to be the latest makeup trend in Hollywood and it was displayed to its fullest in at the Emmy Awards Show, 2013. There was an array of colors like deep maroon, bright red dark berry. There is something about dark lipstick, it adds definition to your lips and makes them look fuller. It directly contrasts with your teeth making them look whiter. It also draws attention to your smile and makes you look glamorous. The Emmy Awards also saw some other popular retro trends like smoky eyes, dramatic jeweler and curly retro hair styles. Starts like Claire Danes, Sarah Hyland and Morena Baccarin choose to stand out from the rest by opting for bold lipstick which looked surprisingly good. The colors matched the makeup, skin tome and also complemented their entire look.


Best colors for bold lips:

So what’s the best way to wear bold lipstick? If you have a fair skin tone, you can wear a lipstick shade that is a bit lighter. Think of coral and red-orange. If you have a slightly darker skin tone, you could try true red or deep maroon; deeper colors should be worn with accessories that are darker in color. Brilliant reds were also seen at the Emmy’s; this is one of the classic lipstick colors that seem to fit every skin tone. The easiest and simplest way to wear bold lipstick is to let it stand out on its own, a little bit of eyeliner and a few coats of mascara and you’re done! You can also transform bold lipstick into a vampy look by using eye shadow to create a smoky look. People with warm complexions should consider using bold colors that are yellow based. Fuchsia that is berry toned is perfect for day time wear.

How to wear bold lipstick:

Moisturize your lips with a lip balm five minutes before you apply your lipstick. After it has been fully absorbed, apply a lip liner that is close to the color that you will be using, you can also use a nude color if you don’t have a similar colored lip liner. Apply the lipstick and dab the excess color using a tissue. Most people would assume that eye shadows in various shades of grey, charcoal and dark drown the best for the bold lip color look. But it’s actually dark purple and lavender that suit bold lipsticks better. This eye shadow color will look good during the day and glamorous at night. White eyeliner will give you a minimalist look and brighten eyes at the same time. You can use black eyeliner on your upper lids only if you are not sure how to pull off this look.

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