Face bra would help you ward off wrinkles

Women in Asia are known for their natural beauty though not many people from the West know that much of this “natural” beauty is the result of clever contraptions and magical potions. However, unlike western women that tend to put on all kinds of goo on their faces to look youthful, women in Asia are using contraptions like the Hourei Lift Bra to keep their youthful sculpted looks intact.


Dubbed the “face bra”, the contraption is pretty much a wired band that is worn over the nose to banish smile lines while lifting the cheeks.

The Japanese invention claims to put gentle pressure on the cheeks that boosts the circulation of blood in the face. This helps send more oxygen to the skin around the face which promotes skin renewal and helps keep wrinkles at bay.

The face bra itself is a device that seems like the lovechild of a large pair of spectacles and an ill fitting visor that slides at the back of the head to effectively pull your face into your skull. The soft silicone rubber make of the face bra prevents the contraption from leaving unseemly marks on the face while the wire in the design provides the same kind of “lift” to the face that an underwire bra provides to the bust line.

Of course, the Hourei Lift Bra isn’t a magical device that will do all your work for you. In fact, its makers claim that you have to prepare your face for the device with a few face exercises and follow its use with ones that cool the facial muscles down too. At £25 a pop, the device certainly isnt cheap but for women that have tried a bunch of chemical anti-aging solutions, it could be the perfect alternative to expensive lotions and potions that break the bank or result in side effects.

While a lot of beauty solutions promise that they can get rid of one’s wrinkles in a matter in minutes or weeks, the face bra simply claims that it can shape your face and keep wrinkles at bay just the way a bra keeps your bust from sagging.

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