Manicure tips to have great hands at home

Great looking fingers are the assets of all women. Wouldn’t you like a pair of great looking hands, which are neatly trimmed and polished with great nail enamel? Here are some tips to have great looking hands at home without visiting the beauty parlor.


Do you always need to visit the parlor for a pair of great looking hands? Save some time for yourself at home and have great looking nails and hands, which will turn eyes around. Many women have the notion that manicure consists of removing nail polish, filing your nails and wearing a new polish. But manicure is something more than this. Here are some ways to have good looking hands at home.

Things required for a manicure

For a manicure, you would require mild and gentle soap, a nail file, nail polish remover, cotton balls or cotton pads, a moisturizer, a nail base coat and a nail polish, cuticle cream, cuticle tool and a buffing tool.

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How to proceed- Removing the nail polish

The first thing that you need to do is wet your cotton balls with nail polish remover and slowly remove all the nail polish that is left on your nails. Also be sure to remove all the nail polish from the edges of your nails.

Choose a good nail polish remover that does not have too much of chemical. Nail polish remover has a tendency to dry out the skin and the nails. So it is important to put some moisturizer right after removing the nail polish.

Filing the nails

After removing the nail polish, gently cut your nails as per the required length and also file them so that there are no sharp edges. It is important to file them in one direction only.

Filing your nails can prevent peeling of nails or chipping. Shape your nails in the way you want- either a rounded tip or a square tip.


Clean your nails

After cutting your nails, clean your nails with a mild and gentle soap and then wash away all the additional dirt and the remaining nail polish may is remaining at the edge of the nails and then out some moisturizer in them.

Apply some cuticle cream which helps to harden the nails and cuticles. Push back the cuticles in to your nails. Never tear them off!!

Buffer your nails

After all is done, put some nail enamel on your nails. Nail enamel helps to harden the nails and keep them healthy. It also helps to hide discolorations

Apply Polish

After all is done, apply polish in straight strokes. Apply the first layer and let it dry after which you can apply the second stroke. After the nail polish has dried up, put on a top coat for a shimmering finish. Your fingers are ready!!

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