Make up tips that make your foundation last longer

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Wearing the right kind of makeup is very important for the kind of look that you require. The basic crux of makeup is foundation, which provides a canvas for your make up. Here are some tips that will help you to make your foundation last longer.


Why is foundation required? 

A foundation helps you to hide all the imperfections in your skin. It helps your face to look flawless and clean. There are many kinds of foundations that are available in the market but not all foundations have the same effect on your face. Some foundations also seem to make your face turn ugly.

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How to make your foundation last longer? 

The first thing that you need to know before buying your foundation is that the foundation should suit your skin type. The best way to check this out is by conducting a patch test on one part of your skin. If you see that the colour has not made a difference, you can go ahead and buy this foundation.


Do not apply too much of moisturizer

Before applying foundation, one should not apply too much of moisturiser on the skin. Moisturizer is always a little bit wet and this is what triggers the foundation to drip and last less. The foundation needs to be absorbed into the skin before you put on the makeup.


Use very-less-cream foundation

If you are using liquid or cream foundation, then be sure to apply very little foundation so that it is well absorbed in the skin. The foundation should blend in the skin well and the excess moisture should be wiped out with a tissue paper. This would also help your foundation to last longer.


Use a powder puff

The foundation should be set with the help of a powder puff. Powder puffs are dry and smooth. The excess foundation can also be removed with the help of the same. This will keep your face dry and will make your skin matt. This would also help your make up and foundation to last longer.


Do not put too much of foundation on oily skin

If you have too much off oily skin, try controlling the amount of foundation. Too much off oily skin would not let the foundation settle properly. Try some dry foundation so that it can last longer.

Try these tips and your foundation will last longer than expected.

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