Monsoon facial tips

by DrPrem Jagyasi

Are you concerned of how to take care of your face during the monsoon? Monsoon is the season when the surroundings are humid and damp, and too much make up seems to be overburdening for your skin. Here are some tips on how to take care of your skin during the monsoon.


The best way to wear your make up in the monsoon days is to keep it to the bare minimum. Light make up looks good and is easy to handle as well.

The best products during monsoon are waterproof products so that the water of the rains does not mess up your entire make up. Monsoon is a gloomy season and what is better than to sprite up a little brightness on your face?

Best colours for the season

Pastel colours are the best wear for the monsoon season as they make you look good and refreshing.

It also helps your face to appear dramatic. Various waterproof lipsticks, mascaras, eyeliners and rouge are available in the market for the monsoon season. Matte finish make up also complements your look on the rainy days, as it does not make your face look sticky and oily.


Keeping skin clean and clear

You skin should be kept clean and clear during the rainy season. There is already a lot of moisture that is present in the air during the rainy season and that is what helps your make up to smudge because of dampening of the skin. You should regularly clean your face with the help of a mild oil free cleanser that is suitable on your skin.

The other way round is washing your face on a regular basis so that it remains clean and dry. Fungal infections are a big problem during monsoon. Another way to keep your skin clean is applying plenty of dry talc to keep yourself dry.


Skin tends to look oily during the monsoons. It is essential to protect your skin from this oily look with the help of moisturizers containing rose water, herbs, strawberry and orange juice. Also

  • Exfoliate your skin twice a week
  • Avoid too heavy moisturising creams or foundations
  • Try putting on very light make up
  • Use an astringent for your skin
  • A mild face wash like orange wash helps to freshen the skin
  • Use a skin toner as well that will help balance the skin

Try out these simple tips and welcome monsoon with a smile on your face!!

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