Male skin requires more protection against skin cancer

male skin 64When it comes to skin, male skin is three times more likely to develop certain types of skin cancer. Researchers from the Ohio State University have come out unveiling this fact, after testing the effects of UVB rays on mice.

Explaining the reason behind this, researchers state that where female skin possesses a higher level of antioxidants in their skin, while male skin does not, turning male skin more susceptible to skin cancer or skin damage.

Relying on this study it could be asserted that male skin requires more protection than female skin. Therefore, males should be more conscious about their skin. Giving similar advice Dr. Jennifer Linder, a skin-cancer surgeon in Scottsdale, Ariz states:

Males should use a skin cream or gel that contains antioxidant vitamins, preferably A, C and E.

This study is quite significant but question remains unanswered that how far study conducted on mice be applicable for human beings. Therefore, if experts moves further with similar study on mice then results, looming out of that would be more conclusive. In this regard, following remark of Susan Wattz, a cancer researcher at the University of Cincinnati seems to be sounding the same:

Researchers need to determine whether antioxidant levels are significantly different in human males and females.


Via: Dispatch

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