Common makeup mistakes that add years to your face

We put on makeup to look pretty and to look a few years younger than we actually are. However, some happen to use makeup the wrong way and end up looking no younger, in fact older than they actually are. Here are some of those makeup mistakes you must avoid in any case:

Covering only the bottom of your eyes with eye liner

Eye makeup

Many women apply liner only at the bottom of their eyes and leaving the upper as it is. They usually do this, as it is much easier to apply liner to the bottom of the eye and a bit tough to apply it on the upper eyelash. Keeping convenience aside, lining only the bottom of your eyes makes you look years older, as it makes your eyes appear small and old.

Applying too much of makeup is bad

Applying too much of makeup

When it comes to makeup, the lesser the better and the more is worse. Apply only a drop of foundation to cover your face in a thin layer of it, or else it will make your fine lines and wrinkles even more prominent instead of hiding them. Do not apply concealer everywhere but only in the problematic areas.

Limit face powder application

face powder application

Face powder you are supposed to dab only on the oiliest segments of your face, i.e. the T-zone. Simply dab it in this zone and not on your entire face thinking that it will beautify your face. It will make you look older, as it will magnify wrinkles and fine line on your face.

Super thick mascara on your eyelash

mascara on eyelash

You apply mascara on your lashes to give them the desired volume and length. So far so good, but applying a super thick formula can create a big trouble for you, as in it adds clumps to the lashes, make them look messy and unappealing, and adding age to your overall features.

Extra thin eyebrows

Asian woman beauty face

Years of over plucking leave your eyebrows light and dull, which is a major sign of aging. If you choose to cover your face with makeup and you happen to leave designing your brows to make them lively, this would be a very big mistake to make. Despite glamorous makeup application on your face, you will still look years older because of your brows. Never forget to darken or give them a perfect shape using eyebrow powder, pencil and stencil.

Makeup is meant for making us beautiful and gorgeous but what if it starts making us appear old. Well, makeup products are not to blame but you who is making some mistake or the other applying it.

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