How to have the perfect eyes

Eyes are the most beautiful features of a lady. Here are some tips on how to have the perfect eye-makeup.


Eyeliner.  When using liquid, make sure that you draw on lines with a pencil first. Do not try to rub it off when it’s wet. It will smear and make a big mess. Don’t forget to do the underside. If you want a very natural effect, a thin line on your top lid, but not your bottom will look good. If you’re using liquid for both, be careful. It looks great when tapered and sleek.


Eyeshadow. Only apply to your lid , and maybe to the underside of your brow bone. Try not to use a dark shade of blue or purple heavily. Light shades like light blue and pink look finest on tanned skin or olive colored. With pale skin, precious metals look beautiful, but you can also go with a lavender or creme color. Carefully trace a line above your eyeliner. Keep in mind your hair color. Orange and red shades look good with light skin and brown or red hair. If you have red hair, a spring or emerald green would look nice. Black hair looks best with a pink or purple shade or a blue.


Mascara. If you have naturally long and or thick lashes, do not use any at all. If you have stubby lashes, be careful when applying mascara. Applying mascara to the bottom lashes can make for a nice popping effect when done correctly. Be careful the mascara does not make contact with your eyeshadow. It can be troublesome to get off the color and re-apply. Choose a shade of mascara close to your natural eyelash color.


Optional .  Any patterns around the eyes. Dots make a simple addition to any makeup plan around the corners of your eyes, or an extended line from the corner with a dot or two afterwards. Make elaborate patters extending from the extended line curling in all directions. Do not extend any farther than your cheekbones. Dots, and hearts look nice in the center of two curling and intersecting lines.


Concealer. Do this last to cover and blemishes, bags, and misplaced make up. Do not apply to much to an area that you can not even out later with other make up. IT will look to light and unnatural. Pull slightly down on the skin below your eyes to cover any creases here. Try not to smudge any eyeliner. I’d hope that by now, your mascara is dry. Always remember to get a cover-up like your own skin tone.

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