Look your best with these express makeup tips

by DrPrem Jagyasi

Women today are busier than ever; not only do have they have to take care of family and their household, they also have to make sure that they get to work on time. It is impossible to look your best, especially when you are on the run. Remedies to fix your hair and makeup while on the go involve striking a perfect balance between multitasking, having a vision, organization and time management. Such concepts are alien to the world of beauty and makeup, but are the best techniques that can help you to look your best during your day.


Hunt for quick fix tips:

There are plenty of blogs that offer a lot of informative tips from women who are stuck in a similar predicament. You could also discuss with your colleagues and friends and even your beautician about easy makeup tips and how to look good effortlessly. You will pick up some tricks that will help you to acquire an amazing look in little to no time at all once you have added thee clever techniques to your routine. Changing your jewelry or how you wear your scarf, are just some of the smaller techniques that you can use to help you freshen up for your next meeting. By abandoning some of your ideas you could either tone things down or brighten things up.  Keep looking out for tips that you know you will be able to use, you could also ask your colleague who look their best throughout the day. Choose only those techniques that are easy to do as this will help you to save time. Try downsizing as much as you can, choose to carry only the necessary accessories and items that you will use during the day. Put aside a few minutes each minutes to plan out what you want to wear and how to best accessorize your look.


Get yourself organized:

Organize your handbag and yourself so that you will be prepared to handle quick touchups whenever necessary. Choose and wear makeup that you are easy to apply and maintain; try to use as few products as possible, this way you won’t have to carry an array of products in your handbag. Everyday items like Q-tips and blotting paper can help you to revive makeup during the day. Only the essential, must have items like compact powder, eyeliner, mascara and blush needed to be added to your handbag in a separate make up kit. You could carry a brush or comb for your hair, use hairspray or gel in the morning to keep unruly locks in place during the day. You could carry extra items like foundation, concealer and a deodorant spray and hide it in the lower drawer in your cubicle for emergencies.

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