Do you really need a lip plumper?

Who wouldn’t want to have luscious and fuller lips like Hollywood hotties Angelina Jolie or Anne Hathaway? The glam and oomph quotient of these sexy divas have also been attributed to their beautiful prominent lips. But everyone is not as naturally blessed as these beautiful superstars. However, more than God, latest inventions seem to have answered the prayers of all the women wanting to have sensual voluptuous lips. With all the other beauty products, now we also have lip plumper to give you those uber glam and sexy lips to make you as desirable as your favorite star.

Lip Plumper

The lip plumper effect

The lips plumpers have two broad categories. The first type of lip plumper is a cosmetic appearing more like a lip gloss. These plumpers have ingredients such as cinnamon and peppermint that cause the irritation and the allergic reaction results into the swelling, when applied on lips making it appear fuller and juicy. The effect of the lip plumper lasts for a few hours.

Another category of lip plumper is a long term and time consuming in nature. This type of lip plumping is done by the skin care specialist, who adds a specific type of protein to the plumper that increases the collagen production after coming in contact with the lips. However, the specialists do not have an uniformed opinion on this method of lip enhancement. Some specialists think that this method has irreversible damages in the long term.

Do you really need a lip plumper?

Here is a million dollar question- do you really need the help of a lip enhancer to look sensual? Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of the lip plumper. If we look at the positive aspects of it, getting the fuller sexy lips without going through painful and expensive surgery is nothing less than a boon for all those women, who are not born with sensuous fuller lips. Lip plumper acts like an easy confidence boosters with its immediate effect.

Another important positive aspect of lip plumper is that, apart from creating a fuller lip impression, it also moisturizes and conditions your lips to make it look succulent and sensuous. The natural exfoliating ingredients of the lip enhancer also eliminate the dry surface on the lips. Women with sensitive skin can also use the lip plumper as it has organic formulae that only create the irritation on the surface of the lips and not on the depth of the tissues. Lip enhancers are also very effective for the dry skin as these products have the complex formula that keeps the hydration intact on lips.

On the negative sides, not all lip enhancers can do wonders to give you luscious lips in seconds. Make sure that your lip enhancer has the moisturizer content. The slight tingling and irritation is normal to swell up your lips, however there can be severe burning sensation and uneasiness if the product is not right. The tingling should not last for more than 10-15 seconds. If you experience any such condition which doesn’t feel right, wipe the lip enhancer off and throw it away. Obviously, the product is not the right one.

Recommended lip plumpers

1. Pout Lip Plump, $12

Pout lip plump is the perfect mix of a lip gloss and lip enhancer. It will give you a sexy pout along with the shiny, gorgeous lips to make it look simply stunning. Pout lip plump is one of the best and most effective lip enhancers in the market.

2. Patricia Wexler, M.D. Fastscription Advanced No-Injection Lip Plumper, $17.50

There are plenty of lip enhancers in the market, however Patricia Wexler M.D. fastscription advanced no-injection lip plumper has received the most positive reviews from its clients. The lip enhancer gives a warm feeling to the lips and gives a prominent boost to the lips, making it look super sensuous. Patricia Wexler M.D. fastscription advanced no-injection lip plumper is definitely one of the best lip enhancers available in the market.

3. Stila Plumping Lip Glaze, $24

Stila plumping lip glaze is also a very good product that gives you a smooth shine along with a sexy pout. It has a cool mint feeling when applied on the lips that will put you in a light flirty mood, perfect for a romantic evening.

4. Clinique Full Potential Lips Plump and Shine, $17.50

Clinique has always been a trusted brand, so is the lip enhancer by the company. Clinique full potential lips plump and shine will give you voluptuous, sensual kissable lips in the minor bargain of slight tingling.

The BeautyRamp Verdict

The beauty ramp verdict goes in favor of the lip enhancer as not everybody is born with beautiful voluptuous lips. Lip enhancers are the easiest and probably the best way to get the perfect pout, voluptuous lips and more than anything else a huge boost in the confidence. Lip plumper is an organic way to look more beautiful than ever and there is no harm in getting the desired look without undergoing the knife.

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