Illuminage is offering clinic style anti-aging treatment from the comfort of home

by DrPrem Jagyasi

Skin aging is an inevitable truth which cannot be remedied forever but with the help of advanced skin care we can reduce the signs of aging and make our skin look younger for a longer period of time.

There are several clinical therapies which you can indulge in for curbing the effects of skin aging. Though the clinical therapies does offer modest results they are costly and time consuming. Illuminage is offering an easy solution to this problem. Its skin smoothing laser reduces signs of skin aging at home.

Intelligent beauty product

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With the goal of making clinical skin treatments available at home Illuminage partnered with Continuum and developed the unique Skin Smoothing Laser. It is the first laser which has received the green signal from FDA for being used at home and treating the wrinkles around the mouth and eyes. It is one of the smart beauty gadgets of the world which offers the same level of precision and effectiveness as costly clinical treatments.

A community based system

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When it comes to fighting the signs of skin aging regular care and treatment is mandatory. Women are often unable to make time for clinical treatments regularly. Even if they choose the smart Skin Smoothing Laser using it properly and consistently is necessary for achieving visible results. That’s why the smart device connects users to a community of other users and online coaching.

By creating a community of users Illuminage has not just proved its concern about its buyers but also established the credibility of its product. The women who use it can interact with other users and get inspired to use it daily without fail. If they have any doubt regarding the usage procedure they can seek the help of other members of the community.

Made with care

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After thorough research and experimentations the Skin Smoothing Laser has been developed to suit the requirements and lifestyle of modern women. The team of innovators combined mechanical, electronic and software design efforts to miniaturize the laser technology for safe and effective home usage. They refined the design with focus on human factors for years and created 160 first revision prototypes following ISO regulations stringently.

The prototypes were made adhering to the ergonomic and aesthetic design directions derived during the research phase. The prototypes then went through final consumer validation and clinical trials for getting FDA approval. The commercial production of this amazing product began in the summer of 2014 after achieving FDA clearance.

The Skin Smoothing Laser can visibly reduce the signs of aging if used consistently, five days a week for five hours. It has been made with extraordinary precision after thorough and extended research.

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