Philips ReAura brings a new dimension to home skincare

by DrPrem Jagyasi

As you age, the collagen production in your skin reduces. That’s why skin slowly loses its glow and tightness. Fine lines, crow’s feet and wrinkles appear on our face that not only changes how you look but also hurts your self-esteem. Skin aging is a serious problem that has to be dealt with care and caution.

You can opt for costly creams and lotions, but most of them will not be effective. Philips has recently introduced an amazing product in the market by the name of ReAura, which is a hand held device anyone can use for reducing the signs of aging considerably.

A breakthrough in anti-aging

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Innovation supported by thorough research has led to the creation of ReAura. From time immemorial, humans have been looking for ways to prevent age from robbing youthfulness.

ReAura can be the answer to the prayers of millions of women who want a practical and effective solution for skin aging. It is not just a product but a breakthrough skin care program that helps in rejuvenating the skin in 8 weeks. This device uses Fraxel laser technology that stimulates and enhances the natural skin renewal process and targets many signs of skin aging.

Clinical treatment at home

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Instead of spending thousands of bucks on spa and salon treatments that boast of reducing signs of skin aging you should opt for ReAura. It offers the similar benefits that several sittings of clinical treatments can provide but in the comfort of your own home.

You need not depend on anyone for using it. ReAura is a user-friendly device which can be used by anyone. There are no experts who can help the users in applying the laser on their skin at home. The intuitive design of the ReAura makes it possible for novice users to correctly utilize the laser rays for reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

Superb benefits

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Within 12 weeks of use at home around 64 users have found that their facial signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles have reduced by 81%. ReAura helps in improving the collagen production for preventing further signs of aging from appearing on the skin and reducing previous signs of aging. As it encourages skin renewal till the deeper levels the skin becomes smoother by 86% in 12 weeks. The makers have minimized size and weight of the device for the convenience of users.

ReAura by Philips is an extraordinary skin care product that reduces the signs of aging and reverses the skin aging process within just weeks of use. It is a lightweight and handheld device that anyone can use on their own at home.

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