If you could go back to your childhood, what would you spend if you had all of the money i

We are born once, we die once. God blesses each of us with a beautiful life. It is up to us to enjoy every moment of it, or have a pessimistic attitude towards life. A person’s life can be divided into four major stages. The first stage is childhood. This is followed by adolescence, which gives way to youth and finally to old age. Ken Hill rightly said – Childhood is a promise that is never kept. The simplicity of childhood is lost once we grow up. Children have an amazing sense of humor- they do not need a reason to laugh. Look at a child, and you will see a relaxed face bearing a wide, confusing smile.

Each phase of a man’s life is like a season, childhood being the most beautiful of all those seasons. A child knows no fear. A child is never scared of dreaming. This is the reason why children are always happy. Think about this for a while- if you had all the money in the world, and if you could go back in the past to your childhood, how would you spend the money?

As children, we were more interested in buying ice-cream, candy, and toys. Video games are also quite popular with kids these days. However, parents should encourage their kids to play outside. At times, it becomes difficult for us to fulfill the growing demands of our kids. Toys have become very expensive. TV commercials have made children more aware of the recent developments in the world. Children now wear designer clothes. In fact, more and more companies are foraying into kids wear.

What would you do if your beloved son/daughter asks for a birthday present, and you do not have enough money to hit the toy store? In such a situation, emergency cash loans can come to your rescue.

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