How to wear bright lip color

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Wearing bright lips is a new trend that is gaining popularity. Here is how you wear it.



Your face

Start with a fresh face look that is very neutral and simple in preparation for a bright lip.  Keep makeup on the face to a minimum since you are drawing all attention to your bright lips. However, do not be afraid to make up your face even when wearing bright lipstick.



Start off with a foundation that is medium-buildable so you can even your skin out and create a smooth base that does not look cakey or made up.

Short cropped hairstyles


Apply bronzer to the cheeks and temples to avoid looking too pale when add that pop of color on the lips. If you would like to wear a blush, choose one that doesn’t stand out too much but is complimentary to your skin tone.



Define the eyes a bit by applying a light eyeshadow on the lid that is near your skin tone that has a satin finish and lightly then define the crease to add definition by using a warm brown shade.

Adding some black liner is essential, winged or not winged . Finally a few coats of mascara and outer corner lashes will add definition.



Prep with a lip balm, especially if the lipstick you are using is a little drying. Next use a lip pencil that is nearest to the shade of your lips. Using a lip pencil really keeps the bright lip color on-track, especially if you are using a color that stains easily and is a mess to get off .


The Color

Among the countless of bright lip choices these days, choosing a bright lip color doesn’t have to be confusing. Look for shades that compliment your skintone and warmer toned shades like coral, oranges, warm pinks.  Also look at shades that might work with either skin tones like some fuschia and purple shades .


Your clothes

Clothing is also important when it comes to wearing a bright lip color. This can vary greatly upon your personal fashion style. Wear a color that compliments but is contrasting or on the opposite sides of the color wheel.

Some suggestions are-

Raspberry tone of lips with white or teal

Bright coral lips with turquoise or green

Bright orange lips with mint green or cobalt blue

Bright fuchsia or purple lips with gold or emerald

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