How to Make the Most of Your Makeup

by Dr Prem Community Writer
Make the Most of Your Makeup

What’s a hotter topic for women than makeup? Want to know all of the best trends? What can you do to help yourself look better? Want to know all of this and more? Follow the words below, and you will be able to find out how best to apply your makeup, what you can use to make your eyes pop naturally, and what you don’t do when applying makeup.

How Best to Apply Your Makeup? 

woman-applying-makeupThe best way to apply your makeup is to apply it with natural light. There are many different ways to apply makeup in natural light, and some windows are do’s and don’ts. The don’ts include triple pane windows as well as dusty or otherwise subpar windows. However, the best way to apply it in natural light is through transom windows. What are these transom windows? They are horizontal windows above the door that start at 24 inches long. The more light you let in with the transom windows, the more you can see naturally. For example, if you use a 24-inch width by 10-inch height, you can let in a lot of light. In the bathroom or for your room, these would be the best for letting in light to put on natural makeup.

With the natural light, makeup looks better or worse depending on what light you use. With the natural light, you can see everything that everyone else will see. That means that when you put on the makeup in natural light, you will be able to tell exactly how people outside will see you. It also helps to show just how much makeup is enough and what is too much. In contrast, electrical light will hide in shadows and distort what other people will see outside of the home. This works well in the car as well. However, remember to keep it parked and don’t apply makeup while driving. 

What Can Make Your Eyes Pop? 

Many things can do this, but if you see some eye massagers, pick them up. They will help to relax the eyes and put less tension on the skin around the eye. Basically, they can help keep your eyes youthful. They will get rid of crow’s feet and wrinkles around the eye. So much can be said about it that the possibilities are endless for using this product. You will be able to do more with your eyes, including popping them with some eye shadow, using some eyeliner, and more. The youthfulness of your eyes will thank you for these massagers. 

The Do’s and Don’ts of Applying Makeup 

makeup ideaSome do’s, including using natural light, use less makeup, and bring out your natural beauty by not hiding your best features with makeup. If you hide your best features, you will be looking like someone else and not you if you hide these features. For example, say you have some cute freckles only on your cheeks. Blush may not be a great idea. Maybe try to grab some orangish-brown eyeshadow instead. You will easily be able to help your features by drawing attention to your features with the makeup.

Rather than cover yourself with all the makeup the stores offer, see what you can highlight on your face. Natural light will allow you to see your own natural beauty, and by seeing that, you will be able to use makeup to help not hide your natural perfection. So don’t cover your face with makeup. Everyone has natural beauty. Accentuate your beauty. Don’t apply your makeup in electric or artificial light, especially not a blacklight. Don’t apply too much makeup, or it’ll look like you’re caking your face. The last do is to show off your beauty. Makeup helps you, not covers you. Show who you truly are with your own style of makeup.

There are so many tips and tricks out there, and you want to get the most for your money, especially if you’re paying a lot for your makeup. What you want to do is use as little makeup as possible, and make sure that you bring out your natural beauty.

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